Michael Che’s Reasons for Not Wanting a Showbiz Girlfriend


It’s “too much work,” according to the ‘SNL’ host.

Michael Che has previously stated that he does not wish to be romantically involved with a celebrity.

Che was asked if he ever felt compelled to marry someone famous in an episode of The Howard Stern Show on May 29, 2021.

“Certainly not! You are welcome to have them all “Che responded frankly.

Michael Che during a December 2018 Saturday Night Live episode. | Source: YouTube/SaturdayNightLive

Michael Che has stated that he would never date a celebrity

Stern poked the Saturday Night Live host again, asking why and teasing him further, claiming it was a terrific idea. Che completely disagrees.

Che went on to defend his point of view. He added that he has always found celebrity partnerships to be unhappy.

In his opinion, it is even more difficult for superstars who already receive a great deal of public attention on their own to come together and be a normal couple.

“For two famous people to get together, combine forces of attention, and press, and constant scrutiny, it’s hard. It’s a very very hard thing to do. “

It Was Too Exhausting To Date A Celebrity

He reiterated that this was a matter of personal preference. He agreed that some celebrities had found love and had fantastic relationships, which was wonderful.

Che, for one, believes that dating a celebrity is too demanding

He did, however, mention how difficult it was for him to find a girlfriend outside of the industry due to the lack of protection, paparazzi, and other factors.

It would be “exhausting” and “difficult” to manage a typical relationship in such circumstances. Considering all of this, the SNL host would want to be with someone who isn’t in the entertainment industry.

A Celebrity Has Been Involved Etiquette for Dating Apps by Michael Che

Despite his expressed desire in being linked up with a celebrity, ‘Married to the Mob’ founder Leah McSweeney has chastised him for his dating app etiquette.

Che was painted as an arrogant and disrespectful D-list star in a full episode of McSweeney’s Improper Etiquette podcast. She was clearly enraged, and she even called him names.

Che met McSweeney on a dating app, and during their talk, he was allegedly nasty to her and treated her like a “dumb [explitive].”

The Point of View of Che

Che reached out to Page Six after the show to provide the history of their interactions, which revealed a different story.

To cut a long tale short, their conversation was a little one-sided, with McSweeney doing the majority of the talking, but when she didn’t get the responses she expected, she made accusations that he despised her because she was white.

Che finally ended the texting relationship on January 2nd.

He stated flatly in the text that he did not want to see her since she made weird pronouncements in order to elicit a response. He had no desire to learn what the real-life counterpart of that behavior was.

Despite the charges, the comedian remained calm and let the facts speak for themselves.

Colin Jost’s Child Will Not Be Babysat by Michael Che

It’s not that Che is a bad babysitter; in fact, if we believe the cartoon, he is just the contrary. It’s not like Che has anything against babysitting famous children.

He did, however, confirm on The Tonight Show that he will not be babysitting for Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson’s baby Cosmo any time soon.

Che, on the other hand, who had been babysitting his nieces and nephews since he was a kid, was not the type to enjoy it.

“Babies are entertaining for maybe a second,” the stand-up comic said before adding,

“You know they don’t do much after you’ve looked at them and they just staring at you trying to keep their head on straight. It’s like ‘get this wiggly thing away from me.”

Having said that, he stated that he might be willing to look after Cosmo if the parents agree.

“I just let you scream till you’re tired,” Che explains.