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Michael Santana (Imaqtpie)

Michael Santana aka Imaqtpie, a popular League of Legends player, has one of the highest Twitch followings. His highest league of Legends rank was Challenger 1 on the North American server. He began his career as a mid-lane player with the Oh God Bears, a lower league squad. Michael, meanwhile, was a member of the Dignitas gaming crew until his departure in 2014. He is well-known for his catchy tunes and cheery demeanor.

Imaqtpie’s Childhood

Imaqtpie, a gamer, was born Michael Santana on February 21, 1992, in Margate, Florida, to parents Jose and Maria Santana. He has half-Cuban and half-Colombian ancestry.

Imaqtpie used to play a lot of games as a kid and was extremely excellent at them. He experimented with a variety of games, including Play Station and, finally, League of Legends. As time passed, he saw he was doing well and got more committed, devoting more time to practice.

Career and Achievements of Imaqtpie

With his group, Oh God Bears, Imaqtpie began his professional gaming career in 2011. To be closer to his gaming platforms, Riot Games and League of Legends, he relocated to California. He later quit the organization in April 2011 and joined a new one, Rock Solid, as an AD carry. In September 2011, the team was signed up by Dignitas after winning the National ESL Premier League.

He was Dignitas’ starting AD carry until October 2014, when he stepped down to focus solely on streaming. He was regarded as one of the most powerful AD carriers, but he is best known for his live streaming demeanor, which gave rise to countless community jokes.

Michael later joined the Delta Fox in 2017 and competed in the 2017 NACS Summer twice, finishing in sixth place both times.


When it comes to his accomplishments, he and his teams have won numerous titles. Imaqtpie assisted his squad in winning the IGN Proleague Season 3 – Atlantic City in 2011. When he was in the Dignitas organization, he won the Curse Prize Final in February 2012.

In addition, they finished second in the IEM Season VI – World Championship. In 2012, they won the IPL Elites NA, while in 2013, they finished third in the MLG Championship International Exhibition and fourth in the season three NA LCS Summer Playoffs. As a professional player, Imaqtpie has received numerous awards, including Streamer of the Year at the 2016 eSports Industry Awards.

Imaqtpie’s net worth is unknown.

Michael’s skills and abilities have undoubtedly paid off handsomely. His net worth is estimated to be about $1 million, and he earns more than $8K each month from streaming, according to reports.

Personal Life of Imaqtpie

Michael is married to Lisha Wei, an online gamer who has been his girlfriend for a long time. On Twitch, she is known as Owolisha, and as of August 2018, she has over 30,000 followers as a live streamer. After dating for several years, the couple married in 2018.

He first met her on Wei’s dating app OKCupid, but they only started dating after meeting in person. Dapperdog, Mellowcat, and Smallcat, the couple’s dogs and cats, live happily together in a magnificent modern house in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Michael’s Twitter account has more than 360k followers. As of August 2018, he has over 80K followers on his Twitch account, and his videos are viewed by 8 million people every month. In terms of followers, he is now ranked 13th.

Facts of Michael Santana (Imaqtpie)
Name Imaqtpie
Birth Name Michael Santana
Nick Name Imaqtpie
Father Jose Santana
Mother Maria Santana
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Margate, Florida, the United States
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Gamer and Internet Personality
Net Worth $1 million
Married Yes
Married to Lisha Wei
Children None
Divorce Not yet
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch