Milabu, a YouTuber, and her husband began a new chapter in their lives with the birth of their second child

Milana Burykin, often known as Milabu, and her husband, Andrey Burykin, welcomed their second child on January 12, 2022.

The well-known vlogger announced the momentous news on Instagram.

“Mama and baby are doing wonderful,” she wrote on her Instagram post, which included photos of her newborn daughter and her husband. She added that they were healing at home and taking advantage of their time together as a family of four.

She revealed her kid in another post, revealing her name as Elodie Mila Burykin.

Her daughter’s height and weight were also mentioned. According to her, the baby weighed 5 lbs 15 oz and measured 18 inches when she was born.
On October 12, 2021, the YouTuber announced her second pregnancy. She declared she was 25 weeks pregnant in a photo of herself displaying her pregnancy belly.

On June 1, 2020, she gave birth to her second child, boy Emorett Andrey Burykin, a year after her first.

Milabu’s First Baby and How She Found Out She Was Pregnant

The YouTuber had a pregnancy hunch and opted to test her pregnancy at Well Coffee House, one of her favorite coffee shops.

Her cup of tea tasted different than normal as she sipped it. She even informed her husband that the coffee was tainted.

Throughout that week, her taste buds felt strange, as everything tasted metallic – an obvious pregnancy symptom.

Maybe it was her maternal instincts that kicked in; on the way home, she bought a pregnancy kit without telling her husband.
She couldn’t wait until she got home, as funny, charming, and perplexing as it was. So she went to the store’s restroom and bought the kit before taking the test. And there it was: “pregnant” on the pregnancy kit.

Milabu was ecstatic, but she didn’t tell her husband about it immediately away.

Instead, she caught him off guard by placing the certified kit in his usual charging spot. He cried tears of pleasure as he received the news as an overbearing father-to-be.

The First Christmas of Milabu’s Son

Milabu, a professional YouTuber, has made her viewers a part of her hairdo secrets as well as her personal life.

She uploaded recordings of her labor, homecoming with a baby, and her first Christmas as a parent to document her first pregnancy adventure.

She offered a preview of her Christmas party eclectic from garland above the fireplace, gift stacks, Christmas tree, and lights in a YouTube video she released on 2021 New Year’s Day.

“Experiencing so many firsts as parents during this time of year was so amazing and incredible,” she said as she greeted her fans a Happy New Year.

She and her husband were also thankful for the internet community, according to the social media influencer.

“Thank you for joining us this past year of 2020!” she said, wishing her fans and followers “peace, prosperity, love, joy, and happiness.”

Milabu and her husband have been outspoken about their love for their followers. Since September 2, 2012, the couple has been married.