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Milena Ciciotti

Milena Ciciotti: Who is she?

Milena Mandelli is a YouTube star who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on November 9, 1996. Her channel of the same name covers a lot of beauty and lifestyle-related content. She also frequently includes images of her family and publishes video blogs (vlogs).

The Milena Ciciotti’s Net worth

What is Milena Ciciotti’s net worth? According to sources, as of the middle of 2019, they had a net worth of over $200,000 thanks to their successful internet profession. Her YouTube stardom has opened up a lot of doors for her, including business ventures. It is anticipated that as she pursues her goals, her fortune will grow as well.

Childhood and Education

Almost no details are known regarding Milena’s family or early years. Since it is known that she was raised in Brazil, Portuguese served as her native language for the majority of her formative years. Her family decided to immigrate to and live in the United States after a few years in Brazil. She would then spend the following few years in the US, where she would have to both adjust to the culture and pick up the language. She acquired American citizenship at the age of 16, giving her dual citizenship with the US and Brazil.

Milena matriculated from high school and enrolled at Ypsilanti-based Eastern Michigan University (EMU). The institution, which has seven colleges and schools, was established in 1849. The campus includes a Graduate School and an Honors College. 800 acres of the campus are home to more than 120 structures that support both academics and athletics. An eight-member Board of Regents oversees the school, which enrolls about 23,000 students a year. She eventually earned a degree in 2018 with a focus on children and family.

Google Fame

She decided to attempt to seek a job on the website YouTube while continuing her education. One of the top websites in the world and a leading provider of online video content, it is owned by Google. On the website, you may watch a variety of videos, including movie trailers, live streaming, instructive videos, short films, music videos, and many more.

Numerous online personalities known as YouTubers have emerged as a result of the website, and they have gained notoriety through their channels as well as financial success thanks to the Google AdSense program.

She launched her channel in 2017 with an emphasis on beauty-related videos like makeup tutorials before branching out to cover other subjects including lifestyle, exercise, and everyday life.

She also frequently highlighted her (then) fiancé on her channel, highlighting some of their collaborative work. While she kept emphasizing beauty-related films, she began to emphasize that she is a Christian and that many of her videos would always represent her views more deeply. Soon after, she started recording vlogs of her wedding and accompanying honeymoon.

Recent Initiatives and Other Efforts

As time went on, Ciciotti’s focus shifted to dealing with issues related to faith and marriage; her posted videos started out describing her journey with her husband while also discussing contentious subjects like saving yourself for marriage and Christian stereotypes.

Over 500,000 people have watched some of her most well-liked videos. She has come to terms with the fact that she is one of the openly Christian YouTube vloggers on the platform. She has appeared in her videos following the birth of their child. Milena Ciciotti also creates a lot of videos detailing the steps she takes to get back in shape and get used to being a mother.

After that, she and her husband launched their podcast, which they called “As For Me and My House” (a reference to Joshua 24:15 in the Bible). The podcast strives to share more about their faith via the perspectives of their family and personal experiences. With about 10 episodes broadcast, the podcast is accessible through iTunes. They’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback for their podcasts since they cover subjects like self-harm, despair, and other perhaps taboo subjects.

Social media and daily life

It is known about Milena’s personal life that she has been married to Jordan Ciciotti since 2017, and the couple has a daughter who was born in February 2019. The two are quite active on social media when it comes to sharing about their lives, and they are starting to become more involved when it comes to teaching others about their faith on YouTube and other platforms.

Milena is active on various websites outside YouTube, particularly Instagram, where she has over 140,000 followers. One of the most well-known social networking sites in the world for sharing photos and videos, it is owned by Facebook and has more than a billion registered members as well as more than 500 million daily active users.

She frequently shares pictures of herself, her child, her husband, and the entire family. They enjoy being outside and usually visit the beach or a neighboring park, frequently bringing their dog with them. Through Instagram, she has shared many details about her life, including her marriage, honeymoon, pregnancy, and the birth and development of their first child. Through her account, she also advertises her podcast and YouTube channel.

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