Nazanin Mandi

She is 5 feet 4 inches (1.64 meters) tall and 57 kilograms (125 pounds)

Nazanin Mandi

Do you know Who is Nazanin Mandi?

Nazanin Aliza Mandighomi, a singer, actress, and model, was born on September 11, 1983, in Valencia, California, in the United States. Among her many other achievements, these include campaigns and commercials for brands like Smashbox Cosmetics, Microsoft, Cosmo Girl and Ecko Unlimited, Nume Hair Campaign, Stila Cosmetics, Under LA, and many others.

Nazanin Mandi: Early Life and Family

Nazanin, who has a mixed background of Mexican, Spanish, Israeli, and American, is reportedly the sole child of Ali Reza Mandighomi and Luz Cecilia Saenz. She began exhibiting her talents at the young age of three, taking dance lessons, and as the years went on, she got better and better. However, there are no data regarding her educational background. Nazanin had her first appearance in front of the camera when she was just eleven years old. She would eventually transition from a school podium to a stage.

Nazanin Mandi Professional Career

She was out for lunch with her mother when she was seen by a photographer, who offered her to participate in a paid picture shoot. Nazanin and her mother accepted the offer, and as a result of a series of events, she ended up in the office of the renowned modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. Gradually, her career improved, but it wasn’t only modeling that interested young Nazanin, but the performing arts, especially singing and dancing; this brought her to the stage of Carnegie Hall at just 15 years old.

She gained skills and experience as she went along, and her singing propelled her to the “American Idol” stage. Despite not being chosen by the judges, the public adored Nazanin and her voice, propelling her deeper into the music industry. After “American Idol,” Nazanin appeared in the reality series “Rockstar Academy” and was a finalist in the well-known competition “Next Big Star.”

Parallel with her musical career, her modeling career also continued to develop, and she began appearing in top-rated publications such as Vogue, Maxim, Cosmo Girl Magazine, GQ Indian, Seventeen Magazine, and Sports Illustrated, while she also started modeling for premium brands, including Microsoft, Smashbox Cosmetics, and Ecko Unlimited, among many others that brought her to star status in the modeling world. Additionally, Nazanin was able to secure a spot in the advertisements for companies like Nume Hair, Swimergie, KUPA Nails, Two in the Shirt, Lovenci Clothing, and Under LA, among others, which significantly enhanced both her exposure and her net worth.

Nazanin Mandi Permanent Success

Since becoming a well-known star, Nazanin has advanced and, in recent years, has concentrated more on her work in television. She has made appearances on the reality series “The Platinum Life,” which depicts the lives of famous musicians’ wives, and she made her acting debut in the TV comedy series “How to Make a Reality Star” as Begonia (2017). She’s also been seen in such Disney TV series as “That’s So Raven”, and in the Bravo TV series “Shahs of Sunset”, among many other series and shows.

Nazanin Mandi’s Net worth, Earnings

Nazanin began using her talents at a young age, and she has since only improved her abilities, which have benefited her in her adult life. You may be curious about Nazanin Mandi’s net worth as of mid-2018 given that she is currently a well-known actress, model, singer, and reality TV personality. According to credible sources, it has been reported that Mandi’s net worth is as high as $600,000. Though it is only a small portion of her boyfriend Miguel’s estimated $10 million net worth, it is still quite impressive, don’t you think?

Nazanin Mandi Dating Life (Relationship)

Since 2005, Nazanin has reportedly been dating the Latin musician Miguel. After spending years spending every day together, Miguel asked this gorgeous artist to marry him at the beginning of 2016. Nazanin accepted, so the couple will undoubtedly set a wedding date soon.

Nazanin Mandi’s height, weight, and body measurements

With her dark brown hair and brown eyes, she is frequently thought of as a gorgeous woman. However, only one heart matters—that of her boyfriend Miguel. Nazanin is endowed with a beautiful figure in addition to a beautiful face; she is 5 feet 4 inches (1.64 meters) tall and 57 kilograms (125 pounds) in weight. Considerably slender, wouldn’t you say?

Social Media

Since the beginning of her career, Nazanin has been able to increase her following on social media sites, particularly Instagram. Her official Instagram page has over a million followers, with whom she has shared photos of her daily activities and work while also highlighting upcoming photographers, make-up artists, and other artists.

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