Noah Reid’s portrayal of gay lead Patrick Brewer in ‘Schitt’s Creek’ was so convincing that fans believe he is gay

Noah Reid has no issues with playing a gay character, which made people wonder about his personal preferences.

When the Canadian comedy series Schitt’s Creek first aired, it didn’t get a lot of attention, but it grew in popularity over time and is now a pop culture phenomenon.

The story follows the Rose family, who were formerly extremely rich but had their property and belongings seized after an embezzlement scandal. They are forced to relocate to a roadside motel in Schitt’s Creek, a small, working-class community far far from the amenities the Rose family has become accustomed to.

As a result, they embrace the town’s quirkiness and charm.

Fans watched in episode after episode because of the great humorous and emotional performances, but it was the bond between David Rose (played by Dan Levy) and Patrick Brewer (played by Reid) that kept them watching.

With his portrayal of a loved-up gay man, Reid captivated the hearts of queer people all over the world. Is Noah Reid, on the other hand, gay?

Noah Reid’s Relationship

Fans who wished Reid was gay would be disappointed to learn that he is not. Reid got down on one knee to ring in the New Year passionately in 2019. With a fun Instagram picture captioned “Roommates for life,” the ‘Honesty’ artist confirmed his engagement to Clare Stone.

A little over a year later, the lovebirds married in a small wedding ceremony on Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada, with his fiancée. Because of the COVID-19 limits, the couple could only invite a few guests.

However, the tiny size of the wedding did not take from the joy of the occasion, as the couple appeared to be overjoyed. The ceremony was held on the sand, with the couple exchanging vows in front of a beautiful, whimsically designed altar.

The entire ceremony was stunning, and Reid shared photographs from their special day on Instagram.

Famous acquaintances, like Grey’s Anatomy star Giacomo Gianniotti, sent their well wishes to the newlyweds. “Absolutely wonderful!” What a lovely couple! “Congratulations, and here’s to many more!” said the actor.

The portrayal of a gay man by Noah Reid

That’s all there is to it, guys. Reid is not gay, but considering his brilliant and genuine portrayal of a gay man in Schitt’s Creek, who could blame anyone for assuming he is?

The LGBTQ+ representation in Schitt’s Creek was wonderful, and it touched the hearts of viewers. Reid told EVOKE that the show’s creators made sure there was no homophobia on the show and that all of the tales were addressed with respect.

The actor admitted that he could relate to Patrick in the show because he was in a similar situation to his character.

“Patrick had never had feelings for a man before or allowed himself to have feelings for a man before, so in that regard, I felt like I was in that position too. So that character had feelings for David Rose’s character, and it just sort of went from them.”

Reid went on to say that being homosexual is a continuum and that he has no reservations about portraying a gay character.