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Nydia Stone fell in love with a man before she began photography.

Nydia Stone

Do you know Who is Nydia Stone?

Nydia Stone is an American-Cuban former model, political figure, and talented photographer. This stunning lady with lovely black hair, dark eyes, and a lovely smile is best known as Roger Stone’s partner.

Despite having a prosperous professional career, she emerged into the spotlight after marrying Roger. Roger Jason Stone is a political strategist, consultant, author, and lobbyist from the United States. He is most known for his use of opposition research. If you have marital links with a prominent public figure, life is so much better. Nydia Stone was born in the country of Cuba as Nydia Berten. If you want to learn more about Nydia Stone Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, and Daughter, keep reading!

Nydia Stone: Early Life and Family

Nydia Stone comes from a wealthy family and attended one of the best schools in the country. However, when Nydia’s family relocated to the United States, she opted to discontinue her study and pursue a professional job. She, like her husband, Roger Stone, has been involved in American right-wing politics for a long time. Nydia is a superb professional photographer who served as President Richard Nixon’s photographer. In addition, Stone worked as a photographer in the Ronald Reagan White House. Nydia made an appearance in Roger Stone’s documentary ‘Get Me Roger Stone in 2017.

Nydia Stone Dating Life (Relationship)

She was born Nydia Berten on May 8, 1946, in Cuba. Nydia was overjoyed to be born in Cuba because she comes from a prosperous part of the country. Before Fidel Castro took power, her father was a Cuban diplomat. Nydia’s family moved to the United States in 1956 when communist rule was established in Cuba and Fidel Castro assumed power. Nydia’s father raised her with love, and she attended the country’s most elite school. Nydia Stone fell in love with a man before she began photography, and they eventually married. However, the relationship could not last long, and the short-lived union ended in divorce.

Professional Career

When Nydia and her family immigrated to the United States from Cuba, she wanted to pursue a career in modeling because there was so much opportunity in the United States. Nydia possessed for marketing campaigns as well as local advertisements during the early stages of her professional modeling career.

She was undeniably a successful model, and after some time in the industry, she decided to become a professional photographer. Nydia was passionate about photography and used her modeling earnings to purchase a camera and equipment. She continued to practice and experiment with photography. After several years of modeling, she discovered her passion for photography and subsequently decided to pursue it as a career.

Nydia Stone eventually moved from in front of the camera to behind the camera. She began by taking on client projects and progressed to capturing images for journalistic purposes. Nydia Stone served as a news photographer for several political campaigns and was President Richard Nixon’s photographer. She worked on President Ronald Reagan’s political campaign in the 1980 election.

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Nydia and Roger Stone’s Love Story

Roger and Nydia Stone met while she was photographing for President Ronald Reagan’s campaign. Roger and Nydia’s love story progressed, and they eventually married in 1992. However, both Roger and Nydia were previously married; Roger Stone was previously married to Anne Wesche for over a decade. From 1974 to 1990, Anne and Roger Stone were married. Unlike Roger’s first marriage, Nydia was married to a man before beginning her photography profession, but the marriage was brief. Nydia and Roger’s romance came to light when they created an advertisement for Swing Fever Magazine. This ad was issued in 1996, and they were asking for couples to join them in bed.

To your surprise, Nydia Stone is four years older than Roger Stone, and when they married, Nydia was 48 and Roger was 44! These two were seen at multiple sex parties together, prompting several investigations. This beautiful couple is still married and attended President Donald Trump’s Inauguration in 2017. Roger and Nydia have a Yorkie named “Mimi” as well.

Stone, Nydia

Roger Jason Stone is an author, political adviser, and strategist from the United States. Roger has worked on political campaigns for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump since the early 1970s. Stone was born in 1952 on August 27th. Roger Stone, Nydia Stone’s husband, graduated from George Washington University and went on to become an accomplished lobbyist. Roger worked in the office of economic opportunity in President Richard Nixon’s administration. Following that, he served on President Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign. Roger is well-known for endorsing candidates that have multiple unknown secrets. Some even feel that his true mission is to spread correct conspiracy theories to the right individuals.

Roger has successfully assisted many prominent persons in manipulating the public to consent to legislation due to his extensive political expertise and knowledge. Roger has experienced numerous repercussions for his public manipulation work. He gained a lot of notoriety and renown as President Donald Trump’s consultant. Regrettably, Roger Stone was arrested in 2019 for having ties to Robert Meuller’s special counsel inquiry.

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