Olivia Lou Sykes Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity

Olivia’s net worth is $6 million, according to

Olivia Lou Sykes

Do you know Who is Olivia Lou Sykes?

Olivia Lou Sykes achieved recognition before she even opened her eyes to the outside world. She is also the identical twin of winning lesbian actress Wanda Skyes and her spouse Alex Niedbalski.

Olivia is also already more well-known than any other child due to the success of her mother. Her mother, however, is currently preventing her from accessing the media.

Quick Facts: Olivia Lou Sykes

Full Name:Olivia Lou Sykes
Birthday:27 April
Net Worth:6 million dollars
Father:Alex Niedbalski
Mother:Wanda Skyes

Olivia Lou Sykes: Early Life and Family

On April 27, 2009, Olivia Lou Sykes won bronze in the USA. She is American and of mixed heritage. Olivia is also the lesbian couple’s daughter, Alex Niedbalski and Wanda Skyes. Wanda is a well-known actress who has won numerous Emmy Awards.

Alex, who also has a master’s degree in business marketing, was also born in France. She was given the position of Senior Vice President at Polycor, a company that manufactures natural stones. Her parents are both prosperous individuals who have made their way in life.

Olivia Lou Sykes Dating Life (Relationship)

When Wanda was carrying a computer bag and playing with a baby boy and Alex was riding the Fire Island boat, Wanda and Olivia’s parents first met. After getting to know one another for a while, they quickly began dating. The pair advanced to the next stage of marriage in 2008.

Wanda came out as gay a month earlier during a homosexual protest in Las Vegas. The couple is now married and raising their twin children. Lucas is one of the twins, and Olivia is the other.

Before Wanda married Alex, she wed Hollywood producer and filmmaker Dave Hall. The former couple did not, however, go into specifics on how and when they initially met. However, they wed in 1991.

The pair remained together for seven years before their marriage ended in divorce. There were no children born to the couple during their marriage. The couple split up following the divorce and haven’t been spotted together since.

Olivia Lou Sykes Net worth, Earnings

The renowned Sykes child, who is 11 years old, is already well-liked by her parents. She presently depends on her mom because she is too young to support herself alone. But Wanda, her mother, has already amassed a substantial fortune through her work as a performer.

Olivia’s net worth is $6 million, according to She also keeps up her acting career, which means she can see an increase in net worth in the future. The four families are currently leading a luxurious life.

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