Omar Epps has three children With his current wife, — learn more about his family life.

Omar Epps and Keisha first met and began dating in 1992.

Omar Epps has three children With his current wife, — learn more about his family life.


Omar Epps and his wife Keisha Epps, an R&B singer, have been married for fifteen years and are the proud parents of three lovely children: two daughters and a son.

He and Keisha Epps, an R&B singer, have been married for fifteen years. They’ve also had the honor of becoming parents to three beautiful children — two daughters and a son — throughout that period.

Fifteen Years of Companionship

Omar Epps and Keisha first met and began dating in 1992. However, the couple only dated for a short time before breaking up. In fact, the actor revealed in an interview with Black Doctor Organization that he had thought of her as “the one who got away” for years.

After a brief break, they reunited, and the lovely couple has now been married for fifteen years, having married in February 2006. On February 11, 2021, the legendary actor rushed to Instagram to wish his wife a happy anniversary.

He shared a lovely mirror image of Keisha, who was dressed in a matching cream sweater and trousers, as well as grey sneakers. Her hair was pulled back into a bun, and she wore huge hoop earrings and minimal makeup. Omar referred to his life partner as the supermom, the family’s matriarch, and a wonderful person.


He also praised God in the post for allowing him to share his life’s journey with Keisha, whom he described as a “real beacon of light and love” in his life. Omar praised his wife for being a fantastic mother to his three children and a wonderful friend to everyone she cared about. With many laughing emojis, he even jokingly referred to Keisha as a “damn oddball.”

He also expressed his desire to spend “three more fifteen” minutes with his lovely wife. He also claimed that he loves Keisha despite their life’s challenges and “ebbs and flows.” Omar believes that their best days are still to come. The hashtags #MyAngel #TenToesDown and # We’reDeepRooted did use at the end of the description by the New York native.

“You brighten up my life babe,” Keisha, 49, responded with much red heart emojis in-kind response. Since he posted the photo, the comment area flooded with congratulations. “Happy Anniversary you guys!!!” said American actress Tasha Smith. “I adore you both.” “Congrats fam, Love y’all,” one user said. “Happy Anniversary Epps,” read another note.

We are the proud parents of three children

Aiyanna, 21, (his eldest daughter from his former marriage with Kalima), K’Mari Mae, 16, (his younger daughter), and Amir, 13, are the couple’s three gorgeous children (youngest and only son).

While Aiyanna is in college, her younger sister, K’Mari Mae, wishes to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a successful singer. Amir, their kid, aspires to be an actor like his father.
The multiple award winner claimed in a 2009 interview with WebMD magazine that his children were as dedicated and disciplined as he was and that if they set their goals, they would achieve them.

“I have learned to keep my innocence. I am an artist, so I have it in me to find the wonder in life. My kids are also pretty disciplined and determined. If they set their mind to do something, they will accomplish it and that is pretty admirable.”

In 2017, Omar Epps’s ex-wife passed away

The Love and Basketball star did previously married to Kalima before marrying Keisha. After a few years of marriage, the couple eventually divorced. Aiyanna, the couple’s eldest daughter, was born to them.

Regrettably, she died in January of 2017. On the second anniversary of her biological mother’s death, Aiyanna posted a series of photos with her on Instagram. She disclosed in the post that she misses and loves her mother and that she thinks about her every day.

She also wrote about how Kalima motivates her to be a better person, to live life without regrets, to be compassionate, and to enjoy herself. In honor of her late mother, Aiyanna also established her little candle business, Kalima Candles.

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