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Do you know Who is Onew?

Lee Jin-ki, better known by his stage name Onew, is a singer and actor who was born in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, on December 14, 1989. Along with Key, Minho, and Taemin, he is best known to the rest of the world as a member of the South Korean boy band Shinee. Along with the other members of the group, Onew has been known as the Prince of K-Pop from the beginning of his career.

Onew: Early Life and Family

Onew, an only child of successful businesspeople, had a variety of interests as a child, including science and astronomy in addition to acting and singing. However, as he grew older, he recognized that he would need to put in a lot of work to become a scientist or astronomer, which caused him to become wholly focused on his gifts. After graduating from high school, Onew started pursuing his ideal career.

Career Start-Up

As a result of encouragement from his family, friends, and parents, Onew applied to the SM Academy Casting in 2006. Lee Soo-man, the company’s founder, was greatly impressed by him and invited him right away to an audition. The following day, Onew signed a contract with SM Entertainment. Onew initially began his career as a model but soon joined the boy band Shinee, which also included Key, Minho, Taemin, and Jonghyun, who tragically took his own life in December 2017.

On May 25, 2008, the five-piece band Shinee released their debut EP, “Replay,” which peaked at No. 8 on the Korean music charts. A few days later, the group performed their hit track “Replay” for the first time on television in the SBS program “Inkigayo.” The band’s success grew over the following few months, and they took home numerous honors, including the Cyworld Digital Music Awards’ Rookie of the Month and the Mnet 20’s Choice Award’s Hot New Star trophy.

Become More Prominent

Three months after the group’s debut, Shinee and Onew released “The Shinee World,” their first full-length studio album. It peaked at No. 11 on the Taiwan charts and sold over 260,000 copies in Korea, but for some reason, it was unable to register in that country. However, the band’s major break came in 2010 with the publication of their second album, “Lucifer,” which became their first No. 1 record in Korea. They continued successfully with the release of “The Misconceptions Series”, consisting of two albums, both of which found their way to No. 1 on the Korean charts. Nothing has changed for the band since then, as they’ve continued to deliver No. 1 albums – “Odd” (2015), “1 of 1” (2016), and “The Story of Light” (2018). (2018).

Japanese music

Onew and the other members of the Shinee decided to enter the Japanese music scene as a result of their steadily increasing fame in Korea. After entering into a contract with EMI Music Japan, they released “The First,” an album that reached No. 4 on the Japanese charts, in 2011. Since then, they have released four further albums for the Japanese market, two of which reached No. 1 in their respective years: “I’m Your Boy” in 2014 and “DxDxD.”

Single Career

In addition to his work with the band Shinee, Onew has collaborated with several different musicians, both as a songwriter and vocalist. Before 2010, he worked on a song called Jessica with vocalist Lee Hyun-Ji. Onew concentrated more on Shinee’s songs once they rose to prominence, but in more recent years he has collaborated with Kim Yeon-woo and Roco of Roseberry.

Television host, actor, and musical appearances

Onew, a man of many talents, first displayed his hosting abilities in 2010, when he hosted the variety program “Night Star,” which aired on KBS2, and the same year, he served as the host of the well-liked MBC program “Show! Music Core” (2010-2011). His most recent gig was hosting “Ear, Sleep, Eat” on tv. (2016).

He made his acting debut in the SBS TV drama series “Dr. Champ,” followed by supporting roles in shows like “Pure Love” in 2013 and the 2016 TV romantic drama “Descendants of the Sun,” where he played Lee Chi-hoon.
Onew’s abilities allowed him to star in the musicals “Brothers Were Brave” and “Rock of Ages” in 2010, combining two of his most valued talents, singing and acting.

Onew Net worth, Earnings

Have you ever questioned Onew’s wealth? Well, since starting his career in the mid- 2000s, Onew has established himself as a skilled artist with roots in music, acting, and hosting as well. His other business ventures have also helped to increase his wealth, although the band Shinee’s success accounts for the majority of it. Let’s take a look at Onew’s net worth as of the middle of 2018; according to reliable sources, it may be as much as $2 million.

Onew Honors

His labors have not only been rewarded financially; they have also resulted in over 65 awards, mostly Golden Disc Awards, for Shinee’s music, dance, and lyrics. He received the SBS Gayo Daejeon’s Best Leader 2015 award for being the band’s main singer, and the Scene Stealer Festival’s Newcomer Scene Stealer Award for his performance in the television series “Descendant of the Sun” in 2016.

Onew Dating Life (Relationship)

There hasn’t been any confirmed information about his personal life; instead, there have just been rumors about his relationship status. Onew reportedly dated several women, including actress Park Hwan Hee from the Descendants of the Sun, singers Jung-Ah and Luna, and singer Jung-Ah. Unfortunately, these weren’t true; they were just rumors.

Philanthropic endeavors

Since the release of the musical “Rock of Ages” in 2010, Onew has gained notoriety for his rice donations. He supplied almost three tons of rice to various charities, including the Child Development Program and the Korean Heart Association, which distributed it to South Korean children on his behalf.

Case of Sexual Harassment

Onew was accused of sexual harassment in the middle of 2017 after allegedly approaching a woman and repeatedly stroking her legs at a club in Gangnam. The woman objected to his move and then sued the K-pop celebrity. Onew attempted to avoid the accusations that night by claiming that he was inebriated and was only trying to have fun. Following Onew’s letter of apology, the prosecutors ultimately decided to withdraw the charges.

Social Media

Onew has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, where you can easily find him if you search for him there. He uses the platform to advertise Shinee’s work. So, if you aren’t already a fan of this well-known K-pop figure, head over to his official page and do so now. Onew does not have official Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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