Patrice Failor’s Wiki reveals her age and height, as well as her relationship with her husband, James Comey.


Patrice Failor met her future husband, James, when they were both freshman at the… In a 2014 interview with the…, her husband reflected on their early meeting. Patrice and James, both 57, tied the knot in… Her husband’s employment caused her to leave her job as a corporate lawyer in Virginia after a few years…

Patrice Failor

Patrice Failor (better known as Patrice Comey), the wife of deposed FBI Director James Comey, has been through a lot, from losing an infant baby to having her husband publicly ridiculed by the President of the United States. We’ve gathered a slew of fascinating wikis about her, including her age, family, and marriage to James Comey. We also crammed her husband’s height into the wikis.

1. Patrice Failor and her husband, James Comey, met in college.

Patrice and her future husband, James, met as freshmen at the College of William and Mary. And, according to James, who is 6’8″ tall, he first met Patrice when she helped him get nominated for president of their dorm council. In a 2014 interview with the Flat Hat News, her husband reflected on their early acquaintance, saying: “However, Patrice has disputed her husband’s claims of being introduced by a friend.” They met at a daiquiri party, she claimed.

2. Patrice Failor is the wife of James Comey.

At the age of 27, Patrice and James, both 57, married in 1987 after dating for less than a decade. He and his family relocated to Virginia after resigning from their reputed position as deputy chief of a major crime division in New York. Patrice despised living in New York. After working as a corporate lawyer in Virginia for a few years, her husband’s job forced the entire Comey family to relocate to New York. Her husband would later become the Director of the FBI.

3. In the 2016 presidential election, Patrice Failor supported Hillary Clinton.

Patrice suffered a number of setbacks as a result of the 2016 presidential election. Her support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in vain, but the man she had most strongly opposed was elected and later fired her husband. Following Donald Trump’s election, she was photographed attending the Women’s March on the same day as Trump’s inauguration ceremony.
Similarly, Trump fired James on May 9, 2017, after the latter approved an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. In April of 2018, she gave an exclusive interview to ABC News. After that,  just over a year after her husband  fired from his Job. Patrice’s political and social escapades have been widely publicized. Shas testified in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee, pleading with officials to provide more assistance to disenfranchised children. She and her husband have fostered several children over the years.

4. Patrice Failor’s Family Suffered Tragedy After Loss of a Child

Patrice and James had a total of six children of their own. Unfortunately, they lost their fourth child, who was only nine days old, to a urinary tract infection caused by Group B Strep Bacteria. Patrice peened a heartbreaking column for the Baltimore Sun titled ‘To save a baby’ on September 13, 1995. Patrice and James’ surviving children are Abby, Claire, Brien, Kate, and Maurene, she began her column on a somber note.