Paula Burrows

Net Worth: $1M$1M

Paula Burrows

Paula Burrows is a well-known actress and voice actress, best known for her role as Rayla in the 2018 television series “The Dragon Prince.” She’s also appeared in a few other shows, so let’s learn more about her profession, present dating status, family, and so on.

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Paula Burrows: Early Life and Family

Paula Burrows was born on November 11, 1987, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, as a Scorpio with Canadian citizenship. She was born into a Scottish family and proudly uses her Scottish accent, which she does so well.

She has a close bond with her mother, the name of whom she does not know. Paula once congratulated her mother on Mother’s Day by posting a photo of her on Instagram. Nothing else is known about Paula’s family because she rarely discusses her personal life.

Education Details

Paula graduated from her local high school in Vancouver in 2005 and went on to Langara College, where she studied Film Arts in Studio 58, a well-known Canadian professional theatre training school that is part of Langara College’s Theatre Arts Program. Studio 58 auditions hundreds of people across Canada, but only sixteen are chosen.

She graduated in 2010 after actors Bob Frazer, Scott McNeil, David Richmond-Peck, and Jonathon Young, actresses Lara Gilchrist and Kathryn Shaw, and directors Scott Bellis, Kim Collier, Dean Paul Gibson, and Robert McQueen.

Paula Burrows’s Relationship

Paula has been seeing her long-term beau Antonn Jaro since 2014. They enjoyed traveling together, explored many intriguing destinations, and shared numerous joint photos on their Instagram profiles, revealing their affair. However, Paula and Antonn split up in 2017, and he began dating a mutual acquaintance, fitness trainer and entrepreneur Sarah Napier.

It’s worth noting that Paula and Sarah were excellent friends (and there’s no word on whether they’re still friends now that Sarah is dating Paula’s ex-boyfriend), and Paula attended Sarah’s hen party in 2014, just before Sarah’s first marriage.

Sarah later divorced her first husband, ostensibly to date Antonn Jaro. They share a lot of images on their Instagram profiles. Paula appears to be single currently, however, she once uploaded a picture of herself enjoying the sunset while riding, and a man named Mark was in the image. Though many of her admirers were curious about this man and wanted to know who he was, Paula hasn’t acknowledged if they were dating or if he was simply a friend.

Hobbies and fascinating information

Paula is a cat enthusiast who owns an unnamed cat. She enjoys baking different desserts such as jelly tarts, cupcakes, and so on; one of her favorite Christmas treats is a Bundt cake, which is a special traditional cake prepared in a Bundt pan with a distinctive ring form.

She once went to a cosplay event called “AnimeFest” in 2018 and was so inspired by the brilliant cosplayers she saw there that she went to the fabric store and purchased materials for her cosplay project. Paula Burrows enjoys reading and occasionally receives anonymous gifts from her friends, which make her feel extremely special. One of her most recent purchases was an anonymous gift of Andre Aciman’s “Call Me By Your Name.”

Professional Career Of Paula Burrows

Paula began her acting career in 2010 when she landed her first role in the short film “Waiting.” Then she earned her first voice-over job in the short film “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Say Goodnight” for the storyteller. In 2011, she landed big parts as Amber Rain in “Bangin’ Vengeance!” (2011), June (at the age of 20) in “Backward Fall” (2013), and Molly’s Girlfriend in “Beat Around the Bush” (2014). (2016).

Paula rose to prominence when she began acting in TV shows, even though, like many other actors and actresses at the start of their careers, she began with minor or supporting roles in single episodes. She starred as an assistant in the popular TV series “Supernatural” (2005-present), as Siobhan in “Mr. Young” (2011-2013), and as a teacher in “The Killing” (2011-2014). Paula’s career took a famous turn when she participated in the TV series “Freaky Friday” (2018) as Mrs. Luckenbill, and she rose to even greater prominence after successfully portraying the character Rayla in the series “The Dragon Prince” (2018-present).

She is now working on the miniseries “Unspeakable,” in which she plays Jessica Hartley.

Paula is also busy with her comedy YouTube project, “The Dangers of Online Dating,” for which she won a Leo Award for the Best Performance by a Female in a Web series. Paula plays a sexual health nurse and educator, who gives advice on sexual life such as “How to Put on a Condom” and many more. The series YouTube channel has roughly 1,500 followers, and each episode receives up to 100,000 views. The series also has an official Instagram account, which features Paula as the main account photo.

Paula Burrows Net Worth 2023

According to credible sources, Paula’s net worth is around $1 million, which she got by working hard as a writer, actress, and voice actress. She is quite popular right now and is getting more and more offers from other TV shows, so her net worth will only increase in the future.

Paula Burrows Height & Weight

Paula has naturally curly red hair that she rarely straightens; she colored it blonde once before returning to her natural red tint. Her eyes are dark brown. Paula stands 5ft 5ins (1.67 m) tall and weighs approximately 132lbs (60kgs). Her wardrobe style is informal yet classy, and she frequently plays with coats, skirts, and jackets, combining them in an exquisite way. She enjoys wearing scarves in the winter, folding them elegantly around her neck and shoulders.

Social media

Paula is quite active on social media platforms, which allows her to stay in touch with her audience and followers. She has an Instagram account with over 2,000 followers, and she has over 1,000 followers on Twitter, albeit she is not particularly active there.

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