Paula Harwood Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

She earned her degree from TUFT University, a privately sponsored research university in Metford.

Paula Harwood

Do you know Who is Paula Harwood?

Paula Harwood is well known as the ideal wife of famed Hollywood actor Peter Gallagher. Paula Harwood is a 64-year-old wife who is extremely supportive. This American woman was also a TUFTS alumni and was heavily involved in theatrical acting.

She is also a big charity supporter, donating a lot of money to the needy. She is the mother of celebrity children in addition to being a rock for her husband Peter. It would not be incorrect to describe her as an activist in her own right. Stay tight to the end if you want some delicious Paula Harwood-Gallagher knowledge.

Paula Harwood: Early Life and Family

Paula Harwood is now in her sixties, or 64 years old as of the year 2019. He is well-known for his flawless and long-lasting marriage to Hollywood actor Peter Gallagher. The pair has been married for three decades and counting, which is very admirable!

The narrative of this couple’s romance began in their early college days. Their tight friendship evolved into a romantic partnership, which culminated in a beautiful marriage in 1983.

In the year 1955, Peter was born in New York City. In addition to being an American actor, he also enjoys music and writing. Since 1980, he has had a number of notable parts in Hollywood films.

He is most recognized for his appearances in The OC, a television drama series that aired from 2003 to 2007. In this renowned drama television series, he played the pivotal role of Sandy Cohen. He is also well-known for his role as Deputy Chief William Dodds in the television series ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.’

In the 2010 season of the USA network drama TV series, Peter Killian Gallagher also played Arthur Campbell, a CIA director. Peter’s broad brow look was quite unusual, adding to his signature.

Peter Killian Gallagher debuted in Hollywood in 1970 and has maintained a high degree of professionalism throughout his career. Throughout his career in the entertainment industry, this outstanding actor performed on stage and in theater shows, as well as in various films.

This gorgeous superstar has appeared in over 50 television shows, 44 films, and over 15 stag roles! His most well-known roles and appearances include: Guys and Dolls, The Idol Maker, A Doll’s Life, American Beauty, and Short-Cuts, which was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Many people admire Peter and Paula for their long-lasting, near-perfect marriage, which is uncommon in Hollywood today. Paula and Peter’s dedication to their marriage has served as a model for numerous Hollywood couples.

This charming couple resides in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. There are two children, James Gallagher and Katheryn Gallagher, who were born and raised in Los Angeles. James, who is 28 years old, is both a director and a producer.

Katheryn, on the other hand, is only 25 years old and is more interested in singing and songwriting. Katheryn has two albums to her credit and is a fantastic singer.

Along with being a wonderful wife, she is also equally supportive of her children’s careers, as evidenced by her Twitter and Instagram accounts, where she highlights their projects and work.

Education Details

Paula hasn’t revealed much about her childhood, and she prefers to keep her life private. Although it has not been confirmed, her parents’ names are said to be Paul and Paulette Harwood!

She was a hardworking and intelligent student. She earned her degree from TUFT University, a privately sponsored research university in Metford.

Paula met her future husband Peter at the same university where they were both students. They had the ideal love life that every couple would desire. And their friendship is admired in Hollywood as well as around the world.

Paula Harwood Net worth, Earnings

Paula has been Peter Gallagher’s generous and supporting wife throughout his acting career. She has assisted him in his Hollywood playing jobs, Broadway musicals, and writing assignments.

Peter Gallagher has also mentioned and remarked numerous times in interviews that his wife is always supportive of his decisions and supports him anytime he is unsure about his career decisions and responsibilities.

This pair married on May 7, 1983, and their marriage has endured from their first meeting at the university to the present day. This amazing 35-year-long partnership is incredibly impressive and admirable. She also enjoys endorsing and raising donations for numerous organizations and trusts.

She is a dedicated charity supporter and activist in her own right. Paula also promotes her husband’s and children’s careers on her social media profiles and feeds.

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