Perry Mattfeld’s Boyfriend: Who Is He? Her Relationship Background

Perry Mattfeld, an American actress and dancer who plays in the CW’s blockbuster TV series “In The Dark,” was married to her baseball player lover until 2017.

Perry Mattfeld, an actress and dancer, featured in several relationship tabloids in 2016/2017. When she was frequently writing about her then-boyfriend Andrew Wright on her different social media accounts.

We’ll see if the American dancer-actor is still with him or if she’s moved on to larger and greater things in this article. This includes her acclaimed 2019 series In The Dark, for which she is currently receiving international acclaim.

Andrew Wright, Mattfeld’s boyfriend, was never shy about brag-worthy

Perry Andrew Wright, Mattfeld’s alleged lover, is a former Major League Baseball player who played with the Dayton Dragons. It’s unclear when the couple started dating.

On June 12, 2016, she dropped the first hint about her relationship with Wright in a Twitter post. The tweet was sent by the USC Baseball account, congratulating Andrew Wright (@AESDUB) on his selection to the Dayton Dragons of the Major League Baseball.

This message subsequently retweeted by none other than Mattfeld, who appeared to support Wright’s choice.

That 2016 post didn’t mention their connection, so there’s nothing to take away from it. It could have simply been a thoughtful gesture from a buddy. Until Mattfeld made it official in January 2017, speculation about their relationship was still rife.

Mattfeld uploaded an intimate photo of Wright on Instagram on January 5, 2017.  With the message, “been a year since I duped him into being my boyfriend.” @aesdub, I adore you. Andrew Wright uses the alias Aesdub for both his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

According to that article, Mattfeld has been dating Wright since January 2016, and folks were right to speculate when she retweeted Wright’s MLB draft selection.


Following that, she made a couple more posts in which she expressed her love for her lover.

Interestingly, another post by Perry from September 2017 sparked further conjecture, implying that the two had known each other since their undergraduate days and hadn’t started dating recently.

Mattfeld can be seen in her USC cheering costume in the September 2, 2017 photo, looking captivating as she lifts her palm in the air in excitement. The interesting element is that Andrew Wright was also a business administration major at USC.

Another fascinating aspect of that September post is that it was the last time followers saw her lover. This applies to her other social media accounts as well, such as Twitter. Another myth arose as a result of the lack of posts, this time about their breakup.

Building a Portfolio and Gaining Recognition ‘In The Dark’

Perry Mattfeld wanted to be a ballet dancer when he was younger. And her family aided her in her attempt by placing her under the tutelage of Debbie Allen, a well-known actress, and dancing instructor.

Allen would cast Mattfeld in a number of shows over the next nine years, including Ms. Allen’s World Premiere Musical and Alex in Wonderland.

She made the most of every opportunity she was given, and at the age of 12, she was a full-time ’employee’ of Mattel’s American Girl Dolls musical company.

The ballet dancer turned wannabe actress made her television debut in Disney’s The Wizards of Waverly Place (2009). Following that, she released Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader (2012) and Escape from Polygamy (2013). (2013).

Prior to 2017, the majority of her work geared toward children and young adults. Her part as Mel in Shameless (2017-2018) was her first appearance in an adult-oriented project, and it caught the attention of others.

In the following year, she made an even larger leap into the small screen by starring in In The Dark.

Mattfeld portrayed Murphy, an anti-social blind lady who battles alcoholism while working at a job she despises. The employment in question entails training guide dogs at her parents’ training facility (played by Kathleen York and Derek Webster).

When her buddy is murdered, her seemingly routine existence is flipped upside down. And forced to embark on a seemingly impossible mission to discover the culprit.

Perry Mattfeld character and the show both inspired by a real person

Perry Mattfeld’s character as an anti-social blind woman forced to labor at her parents’ house but later learning of her friend’s death sounds complex enough for any actor. While Mattfeld is skilled, her persona was based on a real person named Laurie, which is lucky for her.

She quickly connected with her real-life counterpart and understood what she was going through.

Matfield applauded Laurie’s caustic and bold approach to life in an interview with goldenglobes.com. She claimed that meeting Laurie was the first time she felt she had met someone with a disability who wasn’t disabled.

She became a staff writer in addition to being the show’s character consultant, according to her.

Perry Mattfeld played Laurie’s shadow, following her around from the minute she awoke, made breakfast, used her phone, and applied her makeup.

While any actor would find this process difficult, Mattfeld appears to have handled it with ease. Her portrayal of Murphy got her amazing accolades and even featured in the Golden Globes magazine’s May 2020 issue.

We may assume two things based on her professional trajectory and the lack of any posts indicating her relationship status: either the rising actress is single, or Wright has transitioned from a certain lover to ‘a spouse.’ Only time will tell if this is true.

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