Petri Hawkins-Byrd — From Childhood and Divorce to Career and Net Worth


Petri Hawkins is a television personality best known for his role as Bailiff in the Emmy-winning court show ‘Judge Judy.’

Petri Hawkins

Petri Hawkins-Byrd is a family man who adores his wife and children. Unfortunately, there was a time when this family man’s marriage to his wife was on the verge of disintegration. Fortunately, the couple worked hard to reconcile their differences and made it work in the end. Hawkins-Byrd, a Brooklyn native, is best known for her role as Bailiff in the Emmy-winning court show Judge Judy.

Petri Hawkins: Biographical Information, Career Prospects, and Family

Petri Adonis Byrd, 63, was born on November 29, 1957, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, as the youngest of five siblings. His father was a drug dealer whose life revolved around prison and rehab. Aside from his father, he is very close to his mother and siblings, and he frequently posts pictures of them on Instagram. His escape as a child was school, movies, and TV shows. He attended Southwest High School before transferring to Hostos Community College. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 1989.

Petri Hawkins: Path from the Courtroom to TV Shows

He worked as a court officer in the Brooklyn Family Court system during his time at John Jay. He began working for several judges, including Judge Sheindlin, at the Manhattan Family Court System in 1986.

In 1990, after graduating from John Jay, he relocated to California to work as a Special Deputy for the United States Marshall. He accepted a position as a counselor at Monta Vista High School after three years. In 1995, he sent a letter congratulating Judge Scheindlin on her new book and upcoming TV show, which changed his life. He also joked about working with her again, to which Judge Sheindlin responded with a phone call and a job offer. And that’s how he got his big break as a bailiff on the TV show Judge Judy! Once upon a time, a happy marriage with a wife faced a stumbling block.

Hawkins’ love life is the result of second chances!

Petri is married to Felicia and has a family of six people, four of whom are children. However, their relationship hit a snag in 1989, and the couple went their separate ways. His family relocated to the West Coast. However, the couple still had feelings for each other, which prompted them to seek cross-country counseling. And that step proved to be fruitful. Petri and his wife reconciled after five months of counseling. They’ve been together since then.

Because he is so close to his children, the loving husband has also proven to be an excellent father. He even expressed his feelings for them in a sweet poem he wrote himself.

Hawkins’ Net Worth and Salary

Byrd has amassed a $3.5 million net worth. Given that he has worked in a variety of fields, this sum is hardly surprising.

He’s spent his entire life working in courtrooms; he was also a deputy officer to a counselor, and he’s appeared in TV shows, videogames, and movies.

The majority of his earnings, however, are unquestionably derived from his 25-year stint on Judge Judy.
He earned an estimated $1 million per year from the TV show alone.

‘Judge Judy’ Wraps Up After Season 25

Judge Judy is finally putting down its hammer after 25 years on the air. Judith Sheindlin, on the other hand, will be back in the courtroom and on our screens alongside Judy Justice. The new show is set to premiere between late 2021 and early 2022.

The show was apparently picked up for 120 episodes. Given how influential Judge Judy was, this comes as no surprise.
We can only assume that Hawkins-Byrd, who worked with Sheindlin on Judge Judy in approximately 12,500 cases, will return as the bailiff on Judy Justice.