Polina Sitnova

Polina Sitnova

Do you know Who is Polina Sitnova?

Polina Sitnova, a Capricorn with Russian citizenship with a birthday on December 31, 1994, was born in Russia. She is well-known for both her modeling work and her Instagram page.

Polina Sitnova: Early Life and Family

Polina spent her entire upbringing in Russia with her parents, about whom she never speaks since she likes to keep her private life private. She developed an early interest in modeling and made her debut in a commercial at the age of six. She felt a bit forced into the modeling business, but she soon warmed up to it and developed a strong passion for it.

By the time she entered high school, she was already well-known and well-known in the school thanks to the commercials she appeared in. She was one of the most popular females there, although it is unknown if she dated any boys during that time.

Education Details

Polina decided not to enroll in college and instead came to the US after graduating from high school to pursue her goal of being a well-known model.

Professional Career

Polina’s modeling career advanced rapidly since she began at a young age until she was old enough to become a sought-after model.

She has so far modeled for a variety of brands, publications, and businesses and had the chance to take part in photo sessions in some of the most beautiful places like Key West, Florida, St. Louis, Missouri, and Columbus, Ohio. Focus Factory Magazine, one of the most well-known publications she has been in, profiled her in March 2016.

Polina is particularly interested in mixed martial arts (MMA), but despite her efforts, she hasn’t yet succeeded in becoming one of the attractive women who enter and exit the combat arena. Instead, she posed with Tito Ortiz at an MMA fight in June 2015.

Polina is likewise interested in breaking into the film industry but hasn’t had the opportunity yet. Despite this, she continues to go to auditions in the hopes of landing her first role soon.

Polina Sitnova Dating Life (Relationship)

Since she hasn’t disclosed any information to the public about her past and present relationships, Polina is quite private when it comes to her love life.

According to rumors, the well-known model dated a man in 2017 whom she allegedly met while out having fun at a Key West nightclub. They exchanged phone numbers while engaging in a flirtation.

As is common when people are intoxicated, the man misplaced her phone number but was able to reach her in time and asked her out for a drink. They started dating and were together for more than four months before splitting up, reportedly over a lack of free time to spend together.

Because some of her followers claim to have spotted the two roaming the streets together while holding hands, Polina is currently thought to be dating another man. Even though her followers frequently inquire about Polina’s romantic life, she has remained as private as she is.

Polina presently looks to be unmarried, hasn’t been married, and doesn’t appear to have any children based on her social media profiles and her seclusion.

How Tall is Polina Sitnova? Weight, Hair Color

At the moment, Polina is 24 years old. Her height and weight are unknown, however, she has long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Polina Sitnova Net worth, Earnings

Her projected net worth is more than $300,000 as of early 2020, according to reliable sources, and it is gradually increasing as a result of her modeling profession.

Social Media

Due to the importance of social media to her modeling profession, Polina is quite active on several well-known social media platforms. She started using Twitter in July 2009, and since then, she has posted more than 320 tweets. She has a Facebook site as well, which she appears to be using merely to stay in touch with her friends and family, but she is far more well-known on her Instagram account, where she has about 420,000 followers and nearly 100 photographs shared.

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