QVC let go of some of its most popular hosts, and fans are outraged.

The QVC channel has a reputation for retaining experienced employees.

QVC let go of some of its most popular hosts, and fans are outraged.


The QVC channel has a reputation for retaining experienced employees. However, in recent years, the channel has said goodbye to some of its long-time hosts, citing plans to combat declining revenues.

QVC, owned by Qurate Retail Group, is a popular shopping channel that focuses on home shopping. And, as one of the leading shopping channels, QVC has consistently hired talented hosts and representatives. However, the channel recently let go of a few of them, including some who had been with them for a decade. The channel stated that there’s  no choice but to do so in order to combat declining revenues, but the teleshopping channel’s fans were not pleased with the decision.

QVC’s Laid-Off Hosts Recently

Fans of the shopping channel’s hosts shocked to learn that their favorites would no longer be a part of the TV network in mid-2020. Stacey Stauffer, Gabrielle Kerr, Antonella Nester, and Kristine Zell were among those who left.

On July 16, 2020, all four announced their departure from QVC via their respective social media accounts.
The viewers thought it was odd that all of their announcements were made on the same day and wondered if the reason for their departure was similar.

Stauffer, who had been with the channel for six years, and Kerr, who joined in 2007, didn’t seem to be hinting at anything in their announcement posts. Zell, who worked at QVC for three years, announced that she was leaving the company to spend more time with her children. Similarly, Nester, the most popular host on the teleshopping channel for 18 years, stated that she left due to programming changes at QVC2.

QVC Fans Dissatisfied with the Departure of the Hosts

Employee layoffs began in late 2018 after the Qurate Retail Group announced the closure of QVC’s warehouses in Lancaster and Greenville, resulting in the loss of over 2000 jobs over the next two years. After its shares and revenues fell the following year, the channel laid off a few more employees.

Similarly, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the channel laid off more employees. As a result, viewers and fans of the fired hosts took to the ‘TV Shopping Queens’ threads and began debating the true reason for the release of their favorite QVC hosts.
In the above-mentioned thread, some fans claimed that the channel fired the hosts due to poor management. Some, on the other hand, stated that it was unnecessary to fire those hosts because the company was an online retailer that did not close its doors due to COVID-19. LadyNine, a user, shared her thoughts and expressed how sad she saw QVC let go of some long-serving hosts because, in the past, it nearly impossible, hired by the company because their employees barely left their jobs.

It’s unfortunate because QVC was the type of company that was difficult to break into because its employees rarely left. It was a close-knit group. I place full blame on their management/ownership.
Because none of the hosts’ statements indicated that they left on a bad note, it is impossible to say definitively whether QVC’s release of its long-time hosts was a bid to combat declining revenues or simply a case of poor management. Despite losing several hosts, QVC continues to have some well-known hosts, including Alberti Popaj, Ali Carr, Amy Stran, Carolyn Gracie, and Courtney Khondabi, among others.

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