Reginald VelJohnson, who portrayed Carl Winslow in the TV show “Family Matters,” was suspected to be gay.

Working in the entertainment sector has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it allows one to enjoy all of the fame and prosperity, but on the other hand, it makes one a target for unfounded rumors and queries raised by the media and public about personal life, sexual preferences, and even death hoaxes. The same thing happened to Reginald Veljohnson, alias Carl Winslow of Family Matters, who is frequently referred to as gay.

Unnecessary rumors and questions about personal life, sexual preferences, and even death hoaxes are one of the drawbacks of working in the entertainment industry. Reginald VelJohnson, a veteran actor and comedian, experienced the same thing.

VelJohnson, best known for his role as Carl Winslow in Family Matters, has been the topic of the town for his sexuality on several occasions. People believe he is gay, and they have good cause to believe so.

VelJohnson’s TV Son Supported His Sexuality Confidentiality

An actor’s worth is determined by how well he or she portrays a character, to the point when spectators forget they are seeing them act. The same can be said for VelJohnson. Winslow, his character, is adored by admirers all around the world. Even when an interview has nothing to do with him, people find methods to learn more about the renowned TV dad.

When Darius McCrary, VelJohnson’s TV son, sat down with the Comedy Hype to talk about the show, he was asked if VelJohnson’s sexuality was ever brought up during his tenure on Family Matters. Without hesitation, the actor stated that he has never understood why people are concerned about someone’s sexuality or personal choices.

“Why is that even a question? I mean with any artist. What does their sexuality have to do with them entertaining you, them performing for you?”

Darius McCary And Reginald VelJohnson (Source: amomama.com)

Not only that, but McCrary also stated that he is not a fan of the media dictating a person’s portrayal and the audience’s viewpoint.

James Avery and a Rumored Relationship

While VelJohnson was nailing Winslow’s role in Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Uncle Air’s Phil, James Avery, was winging it as Uncle Phil. They were also listed as the top three closeted black actors, in addition to being at the pinnacle of their careers. It was primarily because they were reported to be in a secret relationship that they made it to the latter list.

Yes, you read that correctly. Back then, there were a lot of rumors about TV dads Winslow and Philip Banks dating. And, in 2014, when Winslow’s uncle Phil showed up on the set of Family Matters to surprise him, it only added to the fire.

Some speculated that it was a well-kept secret, while others questioned their relationship, but neither actor paid attention to the claims and preferred to remain silent.

When Avery married, the rumors ultimately died out. Sadly, the gifted actor died in 2014 as a result of complications from open-heart surgery.

VelJohnson was a victim of a hoax death

What could be worse than having your sexuality continuously questioned? A death ruse!

VelJohnson died of a heart attack in February 2017, according to reports. He was reportedly flying from London to Los Angeles when paramedics pulled him from the plane and rushed him to a nearby hospital for treatment of his cardiac arrest.

Everything turned out to be a fake, as the actor is still alive and well. On the 30th anniversary of Family Matters, he spoke to TV One TV on how special the famous sitcom was.