Relationship of Gabriel Iglesias with Adopted Son Frankie Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias broke up with his long-term girlfriend Claudia Valdez with whom he shares a son, Frankie Iglesias. However, he still maintains a pretty solid relationship with his son.

Gabriel Iglesias

Even though he has split from his son’s biological mother Claudia Valdez, American comedian Gabriel Iglesias still talks about his son Frankie Iglesias in his comedic skits. The father and son have a good relationship.

Gabriel Iglesias focused on himself and his son Frankie.

This is how it has worked: The audience has laughed at the comedian’s humor and wit. However, in 2017, Iglesias was in a bad place. It took a lot of stress off of him because he couldn’t find the right work-life balance for himself. Asked in June 2020, “Everything fell apart,” he said. The actor went into “survival mode,” which meant that he stopped drinking alcohol for more than two years and took a break from his work to “rebuild his emotional strength.” If you don’t spend enough time with your family, you won’t be very successful or rich. Iglesias said that in the same interview that he said that. He even apologized to his son Frankie for not seeing him for so long. Finally, Frankie was able to forgive his father, as reported by Nicki Swift magazine. After that, the comedian took a break from his work and thought about how he was a family man. As a single parent, he now thinks this:

Gabriel Iglesias  and his ex-girlfriend raised their son together. In summer 2020, the actor will break up with his long-term girlfriend, Claudia Valdez, because he couldn’t keep a good work-life balance for long enough. We don’t know why the two broke up, but some people think Iglesias’ drinking and his emotional problems led to their split.
He had a 12-year relationship with Valdez, and they were together for that long. In 2008, the couple was first seen together in public. Every time they were together they lived in California and raised Frankie [Valdez’s son from her first relationship] together. They had no biological children, but Iglesias thought of him as his own and gave him the right to call himself Frankie, even though they didn’t have any.

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