Rick Harrison Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity, Relationship

Nearly $8 million, compared to roughly $300,000.

Rick Harrison

Do you know Who is Rick Harrison?

Rick Harrison, a 53-year-old Caucasian businessman and reality TV star was born Richard Kevin Harrison on March 22, 1965, under the sign of Aries in Davidson, North Carolina, USA. He appears frequently on television as the co-owner of the “Gold & Silver Pawn Shop,” which is featured on the History channel reality TV series “Pawn Stars,” and is likely best known to the globe for that role. Throughout his occasionally prosperous commercial career since the late 1980s, he has also experienced several other accomplishments.

Rick Harrison: Early Life and Family

Since his parents relocated to San Diego when he was two years old, Rick truly grew up there. His parents, Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr., a veteran of the US Navy, and Joanne Rhue Harrison, a woman of unspecified occupation, raised him.

He was born after his sister Sherry Joanne Harrison, who tragically passed away at the age of six, and Joseph Kent Harrison; Christopher K. Harrison is younger than him, as far as we are aware. When he was very young, he experienced epileptic seizures that left him bedridden for extended periods. During this time, he became an avid reader and claimed that “The Great Brain” by John D. Fitzgerald, which featured a young businessman who was constantly looking for new ways to make money, specifically inspired him.

Education Details

He went to Taft Middle School in the San Diego Unified School District for his schooling, but he left in the tenth grade and never went back to finish it. As a result, he never attended college.

Professional Career

Rick’s parents were in the real estate business when they were still residing in San Diego. They finally lost a lot of money, though, and decided to stop, relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada, in April 1981. The “Gold & Silver Pawn Shop” was established in 1989 after Rick and his father eventually came up with the concept to build a pawn shop in Clark County, around two miles from the Las Vegas Strip. After six years, Rick and his father were making around $3 million in loans annually, generating $700,000 in interest revenue.

Later, Rick became well-known in the Las Vegas area for owning special sports memorabilia, including the 2001 New England Patriots Super Bowl ring that was previously owned by cornerback Brock Williams. On their way home from Las Vegas, gamblers would frequently leave one item at their store in exchange for gas money; the majority of the goods they brought in were pieces of jewelry. The National Pawnbrokers Association gave Rick the Pawnbroker of the Year Award that same year, and in the meantime, Rick was trying to pitch a show on his company to various TV networks. In 2012, he finally secured a deal with the History Channel, and “Pawn Stars” premiered.

Rick Harrison Dating Life (Relationship)

Regarding Rick’s love relationships, it is known that he dated a woman named Kim when he was just a teenager, and the two later were married when he was 17 years old. After Kim initially miscarried, they tried again, and on April 27, 1983, Richard Corey Harrison was born. Kim gave birth to Adam Harrison during the next two years as well. After they divorced in 2011, Rick started dating Deanna Burditt, whom he later married on July 21, 2013, after they had split in 1986. Rick then started dating Tracy Ann Hill, whom he married on August 15, 1987, in a private ceremony. The couple had a son together named Jake. Corey, Rick’s son, has a daughter; Rick, however, does not.

Rick Harrison’s Net worth, Earnings

Nearly $8 million, compared to roughly $300,000 in earnings per “Pawn Stars” season. As a businessman and reality TV star, he has amassed wealth.

How Tall is Rick Harrison? Weight, Hair Color

  • Height is 5ft 11ins (1.80m)
  • Weight is 235lbs (105kg)
  • Their hair is light brown (although he is almost bald)
  • Eyes are light blue

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