Rick Ness Wiki: Age, Family, and Net Worth

Rick Ness

Rick Ness, better known as the excavator and rock truck operator on Discovery’s reality television series Gold Rush, is an American reality television star and musician. The series depicts the gold mining efforts of Dawson City, Yukon, and Canada’s family-run mining companies.
Since the second season of the 2012 television series Gold Rush, he has served as the right-hand man to group leader and gold miner Parker Schnabel.Furthermore, Ness has appeared in the Gold Rush spinoff shows Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, Gold Rush: The Dirt, Gold Rush: Haulin’ Pay, and Gold Rush: Claim Chronicles.

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Ness I began as a football player. Ness, who was born on March 5, 1981, was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, alongside his twin brother.  During college, the reality star was a football player, but after a head injury ended his playing career, he decided to form a music group called ‘The.357 String Band.’

During a world tour, the band performed at the Southeast Alaskan State Fair, where Ness met Schnabel. Following that, the Wisconsin native expressed an interest in working with him.
Has an Infinite Love for His Family
Despite his busy schedule with the show and occasional travel to different places, Ness always makes time for his family, particularly his mother, father, and twin brother.

Cancer took Rick Ness mother’s life.

To express his love for his mother, the Gold Rush star frequently shared photos and mentioned her on special occasions such as her birthday. Has a close relationship with his father, Big Big Rick Ness, a construction company owner/operator, grew up in Escanaba, Michigan, and oversaw the family construction business that his father and uncles had established.
He is now a heavy machinery specialist with nearly four decades of construction experience, and he even assisted his son Ness in reaching his goal of 1,000 ounces in 2019. Ness occasionally posts pictures of himself with his father on social media, demonstrating his affection for him. “Happy Birthday to my dad, he’s like 80 billion years old or something like that, but he’s awesome, and I love him,” he wrote on his father’s birthday in July 2019. Hahaha.”

Rick Ness has a brother named Ness.

Ness isn’t afraid to share the time he spends with his twin brother Randy, and he frequently brags about him on social media.
In order to commemorate Ness and his twin brother’s birthdays, the reality star posted a photo of himself with his brother on Twitter on March 6, 2016.
Ness’s Exit from the Gold Rush Crew of Parker Schnabel
In Gold Rush, where he plays Parker Schnabel’s right-hand man, Ness makes the series worth watching. He and Parker were both featured in the second season of the show, and he is still active with his regular appearances.
As an impressive excavator, Ness gained a large following and the admiration of the crew’s leader. However, he has revealed that he intends to run his own operation, succeeding Todd Hoffman as the new Mine-Boss in Season 9 of the show. Ness’ decision to leave the crew was difficult, given his close friendship with Schnabel. He even admitted that Schnabel didn’t know how to be both a boss and a friend — and that he was well aware of the difficulty in distinguishing the two roles.

Ness’s Mining Career and Net Worth

In Gold Rush, the skilled miner quickly proved himself to be a capable excavator and rock truck operator. He is always looking for new adventures, and in his spare time he works out and adds to his tattoo collection. With Ness being the main cast of the Gold Rush and the show’s primary goal of finding gold, there is no doubt that Ness earns a lot of money.