Who is Ronnie Dean Coleman? Bio, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Height

Net Worth: $2 Million

Ronnie Dean Coleman

American bodybuilder Ronnie Dean Coleman, also known as Ronnie Coleman, competed internationally. He held the title of Mr. Olympia for eight years.

Along with that, he holds the IFBB record for most titles won with 26. He has even been referred to as the world’s strongest and best-built individual.

Quick Facts: Ronnie Dean Coleman

Full Name: Ronnie Dean Coleman

  • Birthplace: Monroe, Lousiana, United States
  • Date Of Birth: May 13, 1964 Age 58 years 2 months
  • Horoscope: Taurus
  • Lucky Number: 11
  • Lucky Stone: Emerald
  • Green Is The Best Color
  • For Luck In Marriage: Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn
  • Net Worth: $3 million
  • Profession: Retired professional bodybuilder
  • Weight \sIn Kilograms – 135 Kg, In Pounds – 297 lbs \sHeight \sIn Centimetres – 180 cm, In Feet and Inches – 5′ 9″

Ronnie Dean Coleman: Early Life and Family

In Monroe, Louisiana, Ronnie Dean Coleman was born in the year 1964. Jessie Benton was his mother, and she passed very soon after he was born. Coleman is the oldest of three brothers and sisters. Because he is a pretty private person, he hasn’t shared a lot about his early years.

Education Details

Ronnie attended Bastrop High School until he graduated. Following that, he earned a BSc in Accounting from Grambling State University, graduating in 1986. He began working at Domino’s Pizza after graduating since he was unable to find a position that was suited.

Since he couldn’t afford to eat outside, he used to consume free pizza. After a year of deprivation and restriction, he was hired as a police officer in Arlington, where he served until 2000 before moving into the reserve police force in 2003.

Ronnie Dean Coleman’s Relationship

Ronnie Coleman is a member of the Christian faith. Vickie Gates, a bodybuilder, aided him with athletes and contests when he first started out in sports. He broke up with her right away after losing the Mr. Universe title.

After that, Ronnie ran upon Rouaida Christine Achkar, a French-Lebanese trainer, at a sporting event in Paris.

Both were in a relationship when they wed in Beirut in 2007. But because their marriage was never blissful for either of them, the two separated soon after getting married. Together, they have four children. Later, in 2016, Coleman wed Susan Williamson, his American personal trainer.

Ronnie Coleman, is he gay?

According to the available details, Ronnie Coleman is a straight man. There are no reports indicating that the former Mr. Olympia is gay or has an interest in dating someone who is. He has four kids from three different marriages.

Ronnie Dean Coleman Net Worth 2023

His most recent estimated net worth is $3 million as of 2021. Mariah Lynn revenue is also increased by numerous agreements and offers. His Signature Series and most watched YouTube videos both increase his annual income.

Ronnie Dean Coleman has also profited significantly from the competitions in which he took part. All of his assets and income are included in his net worth.

Professional Career

Ronnie Coleman’s fellow officer Gustavo Arlotta advised him to use the Metroflex gym instead of the sophisticated simulators because it had rusted bars and crude dumbbells.

After observing Ronnie Coleman’s impressive physique, gym owner Brian Dobson instantly gave him a free lifetime membership with the caveat that he begins working out with Dobson in preparation for the upcoming Mr. Texas bodybuilding contest.

Ronnie Dean Coleman achieved the proper shape and won the Mr. Texas contest in 1990 after seven months of training.

After winning the Mr. Olympia competition, Ronnie continued to gain attention from 1998 through 2007. Ronnie won the Mr. Olympic and Arnold Classic titles in 2001, making bodybuilding history.

He made the process of attending his training program as easy and intense as feasible. In addition, Ronnie created numerous workout films in which he concentrated specifically on his legs. Instead of using contemporary simulators, he used rusty dumbbells to shape his body without risking injury.

Ronnie Coleman won the Mr. Texas Championship after quitting his job as a police officer and putting in a grueling seven-month fitness regimen. Additionally, he elevated himself to the top spot in the heavyweight division. After that, he put on weight, reaching 135 kg, and grew taller, reaching 1.8 meters.

Ronnie Coleman received numerous proposals for promoting various brands and other acceptable prospects in his profession as a result of his ongoing success. Additionally, he was invited to appear as a guest in a number of bodybuilding competitions, which swiftly expanded his reputation.

Additionally, Ronnie Coleman has a YouTube channel where he frequently shares knowledge on the sport of heavy lifting. He distributes products and bodybuilding gear under his own brand.

Body Measurement Of Ronnie Dean Coleman

So, what will Ronnie Coleman’s age, height, and weight be in 2021? Ronnie Coleman was born on May 13, 1964, making him 57 years old as of today, August 2, 2021. Despite standing at 5 feet 9 inches and 180 centimeters tall, he weighs just approximately 297 pounds and 135 kilograms.

Some Fascinating Facts You Should Know

In the 2006 Mr. Olympia finals, Ronnie Coleman was unsuccessful due to a dispute with American bodybuilder Jay Cutler. Coleman was unable to take first place in the tournament due to a back problem. After some time, Ronnie Coleman contested Cutler’s title as the world’s best bodybuilder, but Cutler declined.

Famous professional bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman is recognized for his superhuman strength and size. He had no intention of becoming a bodybuilder, but he didn’t let that stop him from seizing any chance that presented itself. His YouTube channel is home to a large number of his own videos.

There, he offers all the newcomers many bodybuilding-related tips. He sells all the necessities for the heavy lifting sport through his Signature Series. In the year 2018, Vlad Yudin produced a documentary about Ronnie Coleman’s life.

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