RussoPlays Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

Anthony’s net worth at more than $1.2 million.


Do you know Who is RussoPlays?

A well-known YouTuber by the handle “RussoTalks,” RussoPlays posts a variety of Roblox videos on his channel. He is the father of two little girls. Let’s learn more about how he strikes a balance between his fulfilling family life and his lucrative YouTube profession.

RussoPlays: Early Life and Family

Anthony Russo was born on April 15, 1996, in the United States, making him an Aries by birth and an American citizen. He rarely talks about his parents, so very little is known about his family. When his mother passed away in August 2016 after battling cancer for some years, he once posted a picture of her. He referred to her as a genuine warrior, and hundreds of sympathizing comments were placed beneath the post by his followers and supporters. The name of Anthony’s sister is currently unknown.

Education Details

2014 saw Anthony graduate from a local high school. About his academic history, nothing else is known. Given that he has never mentioned any intentions to attend college or university, he most likely concentrated on his YouTube business and family life.

Professional Career

On September 11, 2014, Anthony created his YouTube account. He initially uploaded “Let’s Play” videos for a variety of games, including Roblox and Pokémon GO, before occasionally moving to “Let’s Build” and “Let’s Play” videos for Minecraft. Anthony modified and posted instructions for using cheats and hacks for Pokémon GO while playing the game. Additionally, he uploaded videos of himself playing games like, Clash Royale, and Money Wars in Minecraft.

The number of videos he currently has on his “RussoPlays” channel is above 1500. With over 2.5 million views, his most watched video is titled “BUYING THE INFINITE PET GAMEPASS IN PET SIMULATOR *40k ROBUX* (Roblox)”. Anthony is currently working on his own Roblox game and just tweeted that he is looking for a skilled Roblox games developer for his new venture. He has joined the “Roblox Battles” crew, a brand-new YouTube channel crew that regularly uploads movies on various Roblox in-game challenges and other entertaining material.

RussoPlays Dating Life (Relationship)

Anthony has previously shared a home with his longtime partner Megan Bennett for several years. Although Anthony once claimed in one of his videos that Megan used to be his sister’s old friend from when they were both in middle school, they only began dating around the end of 2015. For many years, they exchanged passing messages. Later, they occasionally spoke in private and realized they had a lot in common. Anthony stated that getting married was their future goal, but it hasn’t happened yet.

They have been together for about four years and have welcomed two daughters: Bella Dawn Russo was born in May 2017 and Ariel Aurora Russo was born in July 2018. Anthony and Megan get along well since they both love Disney cartoons and video games. They visited Disney World and painted a painting of three pairs of sneakers—two for adults and one for a very young child—when they learned Megan was expecting their first child. They made such an announcement on the arrival of their daughter in May 2017.

It is important to note that the names of their daughters are taken from Disney animated films. As Belle from “The Beauty and the Beast,” Aurora from “The Sleeping Beauty,” and Ariel from “The Mermaid” are three of Megan’s favorite characters, she and Anthony named both of their daughters after the Disney princesses. Megan earned a degree from Keiser University in 2013, and she was even named to the Dean’s list for her exceptional academic performance. Like Anthony’s mother, Gia Bennett, also has metastatic breast cancer, albeit Gia is currently undergoing successful therapy. Megan currently blogs, and paints, and also enjoys makeup and cosmetics.

How Tall is RussoPlays? Weight, Hair Color

Anthony has short, naturally dark brown hair that he dyed blue for a while, along with dark brown eyes. His height, weight, and other vital signs are currently unavailable. He favors wearing casual attire and frequently don T-shirts, jeans, and hats. Additionally, he sports his clothing to advertise it, posting photos of himself donning a fresh T-shirt bearing his logo, etc.

RussoPlays Net worth, Earnings

As of the middle of 2019, credible sources peg Anthony’s net worth at more than $1.2 million. He makes about $18,000 a month from his “RussoPlays” YouTube channel and up to $13,000 from his “Russo Family Vlog” videos. Additionally, he makes extra money from his work on several YouTube channels where he collaborates with other creators (such as “Roblox Battles,” “TeraBrite Games,” etc.). Due to his dedication to advancing his YouTube business and his tireless efforts to expand his audience and subscriber base, his net worth will only continue to rise. His immediate objective is to hit the one million subscriber mark, which he will probably do very shortly.

Social Media

Anthony is quite active on a number of social media sites, and his profiles are very popular; his primary YouTube channel, “RussoPlays,” has about 900,000 subscribers. More than 50,000 people have viewed his profile on Twitter, where he is also quite active. Over 20,000 people follow the “RussoTalks” account he has on Instagram. His wife’s Instagram account has about 5,000 followers. She also has a “MeganPlays” YouTube channel, but it barely has 40,000 subscribers and hasn’t been updated in over six months.

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