Do you know Who is Ryan Henry?

Ryan was born on May 27, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, under the zodiac sign Gemini, and is of African-American and Japanese origin. He rose to prominence as the star of the reality TV show “Black Ink Crew: Chicago.”

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Education Details

Ryan hasn’t revealed much about his childhood or family history to the public; his mother’s name is Yolan Henry-Corner, and his father died a few years ago. He was raised by his parents and two sisters, Jillian Nicole Henry and Nova Henry. Nova was murdered by her boyfriend, which shocked the entire family.

Education Details

Ryan decided not to pursue a college degree after graduating from Thornwood High School, instead focusing on his tattoo artist career.

Ryan Henry Dating Life (Relationship)

He was previously married to Rachel Leigh, a well-known businesswoman; the two met for the first time in high school and quickly fell in love. However, Ryan struggled with faithfulness, which eventually led to the couple’s divorce. They’ve been making up and breaking up for almost a decade, but it appears like they’re now on good terms and may have a future together. According to their Instagram photos, the two celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2018, while Ryan surprised Rachel with a new Mercedes-Benz for Mother’s Day on 14 May 2018 – they have a kid named Mason who was born in 2007.

Rachel has owned and operated her nail polish firm, “Pear Nova,” since 2012.

Ryan Henry’s Net worth and earnings

Ryan’s current net worth is projected to be more than $1 million, and it is expected to rise as long as he continues to tattoo.

Professional Career

Ryan’s career began in a somewhat tragic manner. His sister Nova and niece Ava were murdered by Nova’s ex-boyfriend Frederick Goings – Fred was a lawyer who had been dating Nova for a time, but when they split, he didn’t take it well and murdered Nova and her daughter Ava; regrettably, Nova’s son Noah was present and watched the entire occurrence. Ryan was having a difficult time dealing with the loss, but he found solace in the art and he has become one of the most popular tattoo artists in the United States.

In 2013, he started his own tattoo business called “9MAG” in remembrance of his late sister Nova, and this is considered the beginning of his career. He hasn’t done everything on his own; he’s met people along the road who have helped him after hearing his story; the most significant aid has come from his mentor, Miya Bailey, who has shown him tips and techniques regarding the job he’s doing.

Ryan rose to notoriety as a result of the 2015 VH1 series “Black Ink Crew: Chicago.” The audience enjoyed and loathed the show since it revealed a lot of problems that were going on in the 9MAG tattoo business – employees were arguing most of the time, and things got so bad once that the neighbors were asked to contact the cops. There was extensive property damage, and Ryan was spotted carrying an unknown weapon, which some believed was a shotgun. The incident briefly halted the show’s broadcast, but no one was hurt and no charges were filed.

Ryan’s preferences and other interests

Matt Damon and Alexandra Daddario are Ryan’s favorite actors and actresses. He dislikes traveling but would choose Paris as his ideal vacation spot. His favorite color is blue, and he enjoys eating Mexican food, listening to music, and playing football and soccer in his spare time.

How Tall is Ryan Henry? Weight, Hair Color

Ryan is 32 years old right now. He has short black hair and a black beard, brown eyes, is 6ft (1.83m) tall, and weighs approximately 165lb (75kg).

Social media

The well-known tattoo artist is active on numerous social media platforms; he started his Twitter account in August 2009 and has about 45,000 followers and has tweeted nearly 70,000 times. He is much more popular on Instagram, where he has over 1.1 million followers and has shared over 4,700 photos – he also has an Instagram page dedicated to his tattoo store, named “9magtattoo.”

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