Sara Haines’ Simple Yet Effective Plan for Losing Post-Baby Weight

No, it’s not a ketogenic diet.

Sara Haines is the mother of three children and has been married to her attorney spouse, Max Shifrin, since November 2014.

Their first child, a son named Alec Richard, was born in March 2016, their second, a girl named Sandra Grace, was born in December 2017, and their third, a son named Caleb Joseph, was born in June 2019.

While the television host and journalist enjoyed both the pre- and post-natal stages of her pregnancy, she did gain weight.

Sara Haines on Her Pregnancy Weight Loss

On September 11, 2019, during the Us Weekly Most Stylish New Yorkers celebration at Cathédrale, Haines spoke about her workout routine and how she lost weight after giving birth.
When she was pregnant, the TV personality revealed that she tried to stay ahead of the weight increase by not overindulging.

“Well, I always tried to keep an eye on things when I was pregnant because I know the old adage, ‘You’re eating for two.’ “Because he’s so huge, he’s not eating much,” Haines explained. “However, I was always careful not to put on too much weight throughout pregnancy.”
During an interview with the site in late June of the same year, Haines stated that she lost her baby weight by doing “toning workouts” and “getting steps.”

“I’m constantly concerned about the number of steps I take in a day,” she continued.

She also recounted a time following the birth of her third kid when she was attempting to regain her footing. Others, who afterwards inquired as to what she was doing, thought this was uncommon.

Haines Isn’t on a Ketogenic Diet

Unlike some people who lose weight by following a rigorous keto diet, Haines prefers to maintain a healthy eating pattern by following the paleo diet.

The paleo diet is centered on foods that are thought to have been consumed by early humans, primarily meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excludes dairy, cereals, and processed foods.

When one of her fans asked what one thing she wishes she could alter about the past, she said that she wasted time agonizing over her body at one point in her life.

Haines claims she has overcome her obsession with her weight and no longer allows it to define her.

Body-Shaming Remarks Are Banned

On March 5, 2020, the 43-year-old writer turned to Instagram to respond to a slew of body-shaming comments. People also inquired as to whether she was expecting a child.

She shared a photo on Instagram with her Good Morning America co-hosts KeKe Palmer and Michael Strahan, as well as professional wrestler Maryse Mizanin, and said she liked how she looked despite having three children.

It’s not appropriate to ask a woman if she’s pregnant, according to Haines, because it’s a private matter and no one knows what the other person is going through.

In her caption, she continued, “It’s also flat out fat shaming when you claim someone looks pregnant.”
Her message received a lot of good feedback from her social media followers. “Oh, my goodness… you’re stunning, three blessings and all!” One fan remarked, “Your inherent beauty glows.”