Satchell Drakes

Satchell Drakes

Do you know Who is Satchell Drakes?

Satchell Drakes was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and Tobago, on February 12, 1988. He is a graphic designer and YouTube personality best known for his channel Satchbag’s Goods. He primarily posts videos about gaming and technology, which has gained him a sizable following.

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Satchell Drakes: Early Life and Family

Before his YouTube stardom, little is known about Satchell’s life. There are no data regarding his family, background, or journey to a job in gaming. He is known to have loved video games since he was a child, but he never considered it a possible career. His family moved to New York City from Trinidad and Tobago, where he later found work.

Education Details

After finishing his schooling, he began working as a graphics designer for Nickel Fish Design, a graphic design firm that is a subsidiary of Endava, a software and technology company. He had progressed through the ranks of the corporation to become a senior UX designer before understanding that he could still pursue his childhood goal through the platform YouTube. He started his channel in 2012, a period when numerous gaming-related YouTubers were gaining popularity.

The Satchell Drakes of Dating (Relationship)

In terms of his personal life, little is known regarding Drakes’s’s romantic relationships. Despite his internet celebrity, he has kept this area of his life private, and there has been no proof of his being single or in a relationship.

Satchell Drakes Net worth, Earnings

Satchell Drakes’ net worth? As of early 2019, sources tell us that he has a net worth of more than $200,000, which he obtained through a successful YouTube career. His online celebrity has led to a slew of chances, including partnerships with other well-known YouTube personalities. It is projected that his wealth would expand as he continues his endeavors.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is a Google-owned website that is one of the most popular on the internet, ranking second according to Alexa Internet. Users can upload their movies to the platform, which other users can see, rate, and comment on; people who favor certain content providers can subscribe to their channel.

The popularity of YouTube has given rise not just to several individual talents but also to several media organizations, with other large corporations noticing the popularity and profitable potential of the platform and investing in their channels as well.

Drakes released his debut video, “My Childhood Was 8-Bit,” in late 2012, and the great response motivated him to keep going. Unlike other films, he primarily posts gaming-related videos that focus on the mechanics and styles of each game.

He describes the features of a game he has picked, analyzes them, and provides an in-depth evaluation that leads to a ranking. His emphasis on providing as much information as possible has piqued the interest of many of his subscribers. As a result, he has created various series, each with a different purpose.

Recent Initiatives

Satchell’s success led him to join the YouTube gaming club Normal Boots, which includes other well-known figures like ProJared. This has resulted in team members cooperating and appearing in each other’s videos. As a result of his membership, he has also appeared in Normal Boots shows. On his main channel, he mostly maintains two shows, the first of which is “Case Studies.” He discusses four important aspects of the game throughout the presentation, including aesthetics, audio gameplay, and other elements. As a result, he concludes the game with a good, okay, or awful rating.

His other show, “Anti-Semantics,” is about investigating a game and attempting to figure out what makes it so successful. Because each game is distinct and has its personality, he approaches each episode differently. Case studies of popular video games such as “Super Mario 64,” “Sonic and Knuckles,” and “Hotline Miami” are among his most popular videos. He’s also done videos for “Chrono Cross,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” and “Bioshock Infinite,” which have garnered him over 70,000 views and helped him grow his fan base.

Social Media

He is quite active online, as are many other YouTube personalities, using accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter – this social media account gives us a glimpse into some of his current hobbies and recent undertakings. He stated on Twitter that he has been traveling a lot and discovering his passion for filmmaking.

He’s been busy and hasn’t been producing gaming-related articles as a result. As part of a partnership between him and the game’s producers, he created a short film titled “A Night in the Woods.” He also tweets about a lot of the music he likes.

He had an Instagram page before, however, it was recently disabled or removed. This action may be consistent with his dislike of disclosing too much personal information to the public. Time will tell if he repairs this account or just keeps his Twitter account.

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