Shalom Blac is one of the known personalities of Nigeria, known worldwide as a makeup artist and lifestyle content creator.

Shalom Blac Bio, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Relationships, Height, and more!

Shalom Blac is one of the known personalities of Nigeria, known worldwide as a makeup artist and lifestyle content creator.

Shalom Blac: Age, Bio, Parents, Siblings

Shalom Nchom, who is known worldwide as Shalom Blac was born on 27 October 1995 to her parents in Nigeria. She’s 25 years old and by October 2021, she will be 26. Shalom’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. Shalom is a kind of open person, but she has never spoken about her parents to date. She has a sister named Stella, who is also a makeup artist. Stella often appears on Shalom’s Youtube channel performing makeup tutorials. Shalom has a godmother on whom she performed makeup on her Youtube channel.

Facts of Shalom Blac

Full Name:Shalom Blac
Age:25 years 5 months
Birth Date:October 27, 1995
Birth Place:Nigeria
Net Worth:$162,000
Profession:Professional Makeup Artist
Marital Status:Single
Relationship affair ?:No
Is lesbian ?:No
Height / How tall :69 inch
Waist Size:26 inch
Bra Size:38 inch
Hip Size:38 inch
Lucky Number:7
Lucky Stone:Garnet
Lucky Color:Purple
Best Match for Marriage:Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces

Shalom Blac: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Shalom Blac stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 72 kg. Shalom’s body measurement is 38-26-38 which shows her body amazing and gives stunning looks. Shalom uses different colors of the wig as she is bald. Among all the parts of her body, the hot oil affected her head and peeled out all of the skin on her scalp. This caused Shalom not to not being able to grow her hair back.

What happened to Shalom Blac during her childhood?

When she was 9, Shalom and her younger sister were napping under a table at their mother’s restaurant in Nigeria. Her mom was unaware of the sleeping girls below and placed a pot of hot oil on the table. Someone accidentally knocked the pot over, scalding the sisters. The girls were rushed to the hospital. They were severely burned. Eventually, an aunt got them visas so they could come to the United States and undergo several surgeries.
Shalom Blac Make Up
Source: Youtube
After the accident, Shalom’s life took a huge, huge turn. “Kids that I used to play with, they were either scared of me or some would call me ‘monster’ and ‘two-face and just laugh. I started thinking about committing suicide because of the bullying.” said Shalom.

Shalom Blac: Professional Life, Career

“Life after the accident wasn’t what I thought it would be. I was stared at by kids and older people whenever I stepped out,” she recently told Buzzfeed.” I felt like a living statue that people came to see. It pushed me to be rude towards anyone who stared at me. I cursed people out and cried on many occasions.”

But she didn’t let that bring her down for long. She met other victims whose burns were way worse than hers, and it changed her outlook. “You have to be grateful for what you have because you never know what someone else may be going through,” she said in the interview.

Shalom Blac Youtube
Source: Youtube

When Shalom was 13, she started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and picked up the craft as a way to make herself feel more confident about her looks. Soon, the bullying stopped, and her classmates started catching on to her makeup skills. Her talents were in such high demand that Nchom would charge $5 to $25 per face. A few years ago, she started sharing her beautiful looks on her very own Youtube Channel. Shalom uses her platform to not only showcase her makeup transformations but as a big advocate of self-love, she also uses it to inspire her fans to love themselves, with or without makeup.

Now she is known worldwide and has been inspiring many people in the world.

Shalom Blac: Relationships, Boyfriend

Shalom Blac is an open person. She doesn’t hesitate about speaking and opening about things. In 2019, Shalom opened up about her love life,  she said that she never had a boyfriend even at the age of 23. Shalom never hesitated and accepted that it was her scars that played a huge role in not having a boyfriend. So, Shalom Blac is still single.

Shalom Blac: Net Worth, Salary

According to, Shalom BLAC sits on a total net worth of $162,000.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Shalom Blac is active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube too. She has got her Instagram and, Facebook accounts verified. Shalom has 767k followers on Instagram with the username @shalomblac. She has 12.8k followers on Twitter with the username @shalom_blac. You also can find her on Facebook with the name @Shalom Blac. Shalom also has her own Youtube Channel with the name SHALOM BLAC. She has 1.56M subscribers.