Simon Lane Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Simon Lane

Do you know Who is Simon Lane?

Simon Lane is a gaming expert from the United Kingdom and the co-founder of the popular YouTube gaming channel ‘Yogscast.’ Simon Lane is well-known for his ability to play any role as a dwarf. He is also known as a strongman, entertainer, astronaut, and aspiring musician.

Quick Fact Simon Lane

Full Name:Simon Lane
Age:43 years
Birthday:14 Mar
Net Worth:$1 million
Profession:Gamer, Co-Founder Of Yogscast Ltd
Sibling:a brother

Simon Lane Dating Life (Relationship)

Simon used to be a smoker. He no longer smokes, but he does take nicotine capsules in some YoGPoD episodes. Because he is near-sighted, his eyes require different lens strengths, making one eye appear larger than the other.

Simon is entirely preoccupied with his career and not with relationships. However, the majority of Simon’s fans believe he has a wife and a daughter.

How Tall is Simon Lane? Weight, Hair color

On March 14, 1978, Simon Lane was born. Simon Charles Lane is his full name. He was born in England and will be 43 years old in 2021. His astrological sign is Pisces. Lane declares himself to be an atheist. He has several cats and a dog, but no information about his family history is available.

In several videos, Simon appears to be an excellent mathematician, possibly as a result of his astrophysics studies. In fact, Simon possesses exceptional general knowledge. Throughout several series, he shows off his knowledge of literature, including Shakespeare, film, and the Tap! World History and News, as well as Heads Up Video.

Simon Lane Net worth, Earnings

‘YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon’ on YouTube has over 7.21 million subscribers. He unquestionably makes a lot of money from YouTube videos. He could make money from other sources, but he hasn’t mentioned any. His net worth is estimated to be in the $1 million range.

How Tall is Simon Lane? Weight, Hair color

Simon has not yet made public his exact height and weight. He has a fantastic personality. He has brown eyes and blonde hair.

He has also not revealed any of his other body measurements, such as chest-waist-hip, shoe size, dress size, and so on.

Professional Career

Simon once joked during a YoGPoD episode that his father’s name is Alan, but this is not a verified fact. He also stated that he aspired to be an astronaut as a child. In high school, he was advised to pursue a career in insurance by a career advisor. At Cardiff University, he once failed an astrophysics course.
While at university, he was kicked off a radio show for calling the host of the show a bastard live on air because he interrupted an Alanis Morissette song. In the early days of Yogscast, Simon shared a house with a housemate.It is now more commonly associated with sandbox games like ‘Minecraft,’ ‘Garry’s Mod,’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ YoGPoD, a podcast based on the YouTube video series Yogscast, piques his interest.
On July 9, 2008, he and his partner Lewis Brindley began uploading videos. Yogscast’s videos are full of humor and comedy, and it made history in the United Kingdom when it surpassed 1 billion views in 2012.
Simon is the central character of the BlueXephos YouTube channel, the content of which appears innocent and light at first glance but reveals a twist—a little aggressive with double meanings.
His videos are split into two sections: ‘Simon Sings’ and ‘Simon Plays.’ The ‘Simon Plays’ series features straightforward ‘Let’s Play’ videos of various computer/console games. These games are occasionally voiced in character, and the video has a narrative thread that runs throughout it.

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