Skeppy live

Skeppy live

Do you know Who is Skeppy live?

Skeppy is an American-Canadian YouTube gamer known for his ‘Minecraft’-related material on his self-titled ‘YouTube channel. He uploads gaming vlogs that generally feature his commentary and occasional rants about the games. In his videos, he is notorious for taunting other gamers, his employees, and fellow ‘Minecraft’ players a6d and BadBoyHalo. On the channel, he also broadcasts “Q&A” videos regularly. Skippy’s channel has amassed millions of subscribers as a result of such amusing content. He also often updates his ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter sites with new content.

Skeppy Wiki

Skeppy was born Zak Johnson on February 17, 2000; sadly, he hasn’t given anything about his formative years, such as his parents’ names and professions, and he hasn’t revealed if he is a single child or has siblings. Hopefully, he will alter his mind in the future and begin sharing more facts from his life as an ordinary guy.

Body Measurement

Skeppy measures 5 feet 7 inches tall for his height and weighs roughly 60 kg, according to several sources. His attractive looks and lovely grin have helped him become a well-known social media figure with a sizable fan base.


Skeppy first became acquainted with YouTube in 2012, when he began a couple of channels before launching the Skeppy channel in 2015. The first video, “ New KitPVP Server!” was posted four years ago and has already received over 120,000 views. He continued to upload movies every week, and his subscriber base grew quickly.

Relationship Status

What information do you have about Skeppy’s personal life? He hasn’t been very forthcoming in sharing such facts, therefore there is no information on his efforts. Hopefully, this young YouTube star will start releasing more information about his personal life and interests outside of gaming.

Skeppy Net Worth

Skeppy has become an extraordinarily successful YouTuber since commencing his career, and his success has significantly enhanced his net worth. So, have you ever wondered how wealthy Skeppy is in mid-2019? According to reliable sources, Skeppy’s net worth might be as high as $1.2 million, which is rather reasonable, don’t you think? His wealth will undoubtedly expand in the following years, given that he successfully maintains his work.

Skeppy Social Media

Skeppy sprang to prominence on YouTube, and he has since built a name for himself on other media sites, particularly Twitter. His official Twitter page has over 80,000 followers, with whom he has shared his most recent professional accomplishments, including the tweet about surpassing one million followers, among several other postings showcasing his opinions, ideas, and interests. Skeppy, unfortunately, does not have a Facebook or Instagram presence. Hopefully, he will begin these pages soon, since supporters are confident that he will have a lot to offer them.

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