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Slavica Ecclestone

Slavica Ecclestone


Ecclestone, Slavica Radic is often referred to as Slavic Ecclestone. She is a well-known worldwide fashion model who has worked for labels such as Armani, Gucci, and others.

Radic’s divorce from British business mogul Bernie Ecclestone was regarded as one of the most costly divorces of all time, with her paying £90 million every year since their divorce in 2009.

Early Years

Slavica Ecclestone was born in Rijek, Croatia, on May 25, 1958, to Jovo Radi? and Ljubica Mali? Slavica Ecclestone’s parents are Bosnian Serbs from the villages of Maglajani and Rijekani, both of which are part of the Laktai municipality in PR Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Slavica Ecclestone’s family relocated to Maglajani shortly after her birth, where she spent the majority of her youth. Her parents split when she was seven years old, and she was raised solely by her mother.

Slavica has wanted to be a model since she was a child. She started off as a runway model. Ecclestone rose to prominence after being photographed naked by photographer Ivan Bali? Cobra. Cedo Komljenovic, an agency and photographer from Milan, searched her shortly after the painting was released.

She was later called to Italy for a bikini campaign, and her road to stardom began there.

Slavica Ecclestone went on to become a well-known worldwide fashion model. She walked the runway for a number of well-known designers and was featured in various publications. She works as a model for well-known companies such as Armani, Gucci, and others.

Personal Experiences

Slavica may be single right now, but she was formerly married to Bernie Ecclestone. The two met for the first time in 1982 at an Armani Formula One promotional event in Monza, where she was a model.

In 1985, after three years of courting, the couple exchanged vows. According to the source, their wedding was a small but lavish affair attended by their closest friends and family.

They have a 28-year age difference and a language problem because she only knows Croatian and Italian while Bernie only speaks English.

Not only that, but they were 1 foot apart in height, with her being 6 feet 2 inches taller than her former husband, who stood 5 feet 2 inches taller.

Tamara, born in 1984, and Petra, born in 1988, where their two daughters and they have four grandchildren. The pair, however, couldn’t handle their connection and split in 2009 after 23 years of marriage. Slavica filed for divorce in 2008, and it was granted on March 11, 2009.

Their divorce was one of the wealthiest divorces, topping the list of “richest divorcees” in the Sunday Times. She has been paying her ex-husband $90 million per year since their divorce.

What is your net worth?

Slavica has a net worth of $1.6 billion, making her one of the wealthiest media personalities. She continued to pay her ex-husband the alumni, which totaled more than $500 million since their divorce.

Facts of Slavica Ecclestone
Date of Birth:1958May-25
Age:63 years old
Birth Nation:Croatia
NameSlavica Ecclestone
Birth NameSlavica Ecclestone Radic