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Do you know Who is Slogoman?

Joshua Robert Temple, also known as Slogoman, is a famous YouTuber best known for posting “Fortnite Battle Royale” gameplays, “Grand Theft Auto V,” and question-and-answer videos. Joshua Robert Temple was born on May 16, 1997, in Fareham, Surrey, England, making him a Taurus with British nationality.

Education Details

Slogoman is said to have grown up with his sister Amelia, his two dogs named Poppy and Lily, and his parents. He hasn’t revealed much about his family because he likes to keep his private life private. He went to Weydon Secondary School and spent his entire youth in Farnham. Slogoman was a very athletic youngster who played rugby until he was forced to choose between that and YouTube, and it is now clear which he chose. He was also participating in a few other sports, but he stopped doing so when he decided to concentrate on his YouTuber career.

Slogoman also intended to become a psychologist and had intended to major in psychology in college, but ultimately decided to prioritize his online business.

Professional Career

I’m Josh (Slogoman), and I make videos on games and stuff; if you like them then you should probably subscribe for more! Slogoman’s career was launched the moment he opened his YouTube channel on August 4, 2013, and it now has almost 5.4 million subscribers and more than 2.2 billion views across all of his videos put together. After he worked with other well-known YouTubers like Kwebbelkop (Jordi Van den Bussche) and Jelly, he gained even more popularity (Jelle Van Vucht). Slogoman started by posting “Grand Theft Auto V” videos, which were well received by his audience. As his following increased, he began to add new content, such as question-and-answer videos and challenges like the “ice bucket challenge” and “floor is lava.” In 2016, he decided to subscribe to PewDiePie’s “Revelmode” YouTube channel, which is currently the second-most subscribed channel on the platform. However, the channel was short-lived, and no videos are currently being uploaded to it.

His Twitch channel, where he primarily live streams while playing “Grand Theft Auto V,” is another significant aspect of his profession. Despite having roughly 9,000 subscribers to his channel, only about 15,000 people have watched all of his live streams.

A few of the games Slogoman has played throughout his career include “,” “Happy Wheels,” “Dead By Daylight,” “Gang Beasts,” “Battlefield 1,” “Watch Dogs 2,” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s 3.”

With “Grand Theft Auto V,” Slogoman

Slogoman’s channel is filled with GTA V videos; this is his favorite game. He tries out all the mods, races, and other things he believes the audience will find entertaining. His debut video on the channel showed him completing a mission in GTA V where he had to demolish a marijuana production while also saving his friend Lamar. Following two more GTA V mission videos, he signed up for the online version of the game and started playing with players from across the world.

Slogoman only played GTA V’s online mode after it was launched; he teamed up with his friend The Gaming Lemon and many others to explore the world, rob banks, and engage in other odd activities. His debut racing video, which featured his friends The Gaming Lemon and Brommy101, was released on October 5, 2013, and he soon began racing in the game with his buddies Jelly and Kwebbelkop. He earned the title King of Sticky Bombs for his incredible stickiness talents, and he frequently irritated his pal Jelly by wrecking his car and preventing him from finishing the race.

If you’re a GTA V player, you should frequently check Slogoman’s channel to obtain updates about the game as he is the first to test and release videos concerning new download stuff for GTA V.

Slogoman Dating Life (Relationship)

Slogoman, like the majority of other YouTubers, is a pretty private person and hasn’t revealed much about his love life to the general world. Nobody knows how the two initially met, but since she is also an internet personality, it is quite possible that they did so online. It is known that he is presently dating a girl named Alyssa, who he has highlighted once or twice in his videos.

Favorites and other passions

Slogoman is interested in more than just video games; he also enjoys traveling. In October 2015, he traveled to Switzerland with his YouTube pals Kwebbelkop, Miniminter, and Vikkstar123. Slogoman is a major animal lover and now proudly owns a black puppy named Rudy. He loves his dog so much that he recently started a dedicated Instagram account, especially for his images. He grew up with two dogs.

How Tall is Slogoman? Weight, Hair Color

Slogoman is 22 years old right now. His height and weight are unknown, however, he has short brown hair and blue eyes.

Slogoman Net worth, Earnings

His present net worth is said to be over $600,000, according to reliable sources, and it is growing partly as a result of the number of subscribers he has amassed on his YouTube channel.

Social Media

Slogoman is also highly active on other well-known social media networks. He started a Twitter account in July 2013 and has since amassed about 190,000 followers and sent out nearly 7,800 tweets. Slogoman has over 600 photographs posted on his Instagram account, which has over 650,000 followers. He also has a Facebook profile, which has over 100,000 friends.

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