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Net Worth: $5 Million

Sumeet Sahni

Sumeet Sahni, an American of Indian origin, was born on December 18, 1987, in San Francisco, California. She is a 31-year-old personal trainer, fitness instructor, and Instagram star who rose to fame mostly as a result of the workout-related photos she posted on her social media platforms, including exercise instructions and physical transformations. She routinely competes in bikini events at the NPC National level and is also a certified online coach. Since 2010, she has been working on her career.

Sumeet Sahni: Early Life and Family

Just before Sumeet was born, her parents relocated from India to San Francisco. Their main concern as she grew up was that their daughter did well in school; as long as she had high grades, they gave her free reign to pursue her interests. At the age of 13, Sumeet first joined her neighborhood gym. She had never been good at sports before, but she rapidly became enamored with fitness activities. She started to consider a career in fitness and training as she became more familiar with weightlifting and all of the gym’s equipment.

Education Details

She transitioned from a casual gym goer to a serious sports enthusiast in high school, learning everything there is to know about good nutrition and exercise. She entered the University of San Francisco after graduating from high school, where she studied for four years before earning a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Exercise, and Sports Science.

Professional Career Of Sumeet Sahni

Sumeet claimed that despite being quite certain of what she wanted to achieve in the future, she was unable to withstand the numerous temptations of college life. She overindulged in junk food and frequently partied throughout her studies, which resulted in a lot of alcohol consumption and little sleep. As a result, she started going to the gym less and less, and by the time she graduated from college, she was in terrible shape. Soon after graduating, Sahni took a trip to South Korea where she spent a year teaching English at Cheonggok Elementary School. It was then that she concluded that she needed to drastically alter her lifestyle to get back to being as healthy and active as she previously was.

Summit’s interest was piqued once more when her boyfriend at the time entered a bodybuilding contest after returning to the US. When she looked into the female competition categories, she discovered something called the Bikini Division and decided to train as hard as she could to compete. This was the beginning of her fitness career.

Fitness Instructor and Model

Sahni wanted to assist others to change their bodies and become the greatest versions of themselves after making a successful comeback to the world of fitness and realizing how important it was for her to be healthy and fit once more. In June 2012, she received her certification as a personal trainer and began working there at “Crunch Fitness” in San Francisco. She began performing fitness modeling at about the same time. She worked with more than 100 people in the subsequent two years, both men, and women, and she also participated in bikini competitions, finally reaching the national level and taking home several awards.

Gaining Notoriety on Social Media

To assist even more people, Sumeet decided to incorporate online tutoring into her already hectic schedule in 2014. Additionally, she began sharing more images about exercise and health on her social media sites, particularly Instagram. Her fan base gradually rose until it reached half a million, and as a result, she was able to bring in several sponsors, including the supplement firm “EHPlabs,” the leggings brands “Celestial Bodiez,” and “Cute Booty Lounge.” Additionally, she established her own business in 2016 under the name “Sumeetfit,” which provides a variety of services, including online coaching and training workout apparel, and other exercise equipment like resistance bands, weights, and other stuff.

Sumeet Sahni is married to her former longtime boyfriend in terms of her private life. Unfortunately, she is reluctant to reveal anything about her husbands, such as his name or line of work. Together with their dog Lala, they currently make their home in San Francisco.

Social Media

The number of followers on Sumeet’s official Instagram account is currently over 520,000. She also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, both of which have close to 2000 followers. She also maintains her webpage.

Body Measurement Of Sumeet Sahni

Sumeet has been putting in many hours of work at the gym for years to preserve her stunning, curvy body. She is 5.05 feet (1.65 meters) tall and weighs about 145 pounds (65kgs). Her eyes are dark brown, and she has long black hair.

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