Susan Li and Her husband Unwittingly Revealed Mystery Photos

Susan Li is a reporter and her marriage-saving advice is to have a separate bedroom and bathroom from her husband. She has also recently written about the rising divorce rate for her job. While Li keeps her personal life private, images of her mystery husband leaked unintentionally. Suan Li, a FOX Business Network (FBN) business correspondent, manages to put a savvy spin on otherwise mundane factual reporting.

Susan Li

As a reporter, Li sheds light on a variety of topics, from breaking financial news to divorce rates, but she understandably prefers to keep her personal life private — away from public scrutiny. Unfortunately, due to her reputation as one of the sexiest female news anchors, the journalist’s dating life has been dogged by rumors.
According to some sources, Susan was dating a man while working in China, and the two exchanged wedding vows there. Is there any truth to this? Or has Li become the victim of yet another wild rumor, as a’single and attractive’ reporter is prone to?

Suan Li’sMarriage Advice While Her Own Marriage Is a Question Mark

The momentum Li has gained in her career, having worked in three of America’s most prestigious media companies, appears to be keeping her busy, leaving little time for a fling.

However, she does not appear to be complaining because she appears to be enjoying her single life and is content with herself. In fact, she even encourages her viewers to live on a single income.

During a special Valentine’s Day Eve show on FOX Business Live, Li shared her own marriage-saving advice. If at all possible, she advised husbands and wives to have separate bedrooms and bathrooms.
She elaborated on her statement, stating that each couple had their own mattress preferences and sleeping habits. Add snoring to the mix, and it was difficult for anyone to adjust. As a result, a Separate bedroom and a bathroom in the house is an important factor to consider when trying to save a marriage. According to the astute host. she never married or has proven a successful track record to know what it’s like.

Rumors of Li’s marriage to a certain someone in China circulated in the media as the reporter rose in prominence. However, those rumors were unfounded and amounted to nothing more than idle speculation.
Her marriage, which allegedly took place in China, was even covered by the well-known biography website Biographypedia. Although  Li was dating someone while working for Bloomberg in Hong Kong, they even exchanged wedding vows in China.

All of this appears to have been kept under wraps, with no official reports to back it up.

Previous photographs show that Li indeed married a husband.

She said, she had never been married or had a successful track record.
The latter proved to be the case, as  Susan Li had been married to a husband, or so these 2012 Facebook posts imply. On December 1, 2012, fashion designer Vivienne Tam shared a few photos from a wedding of one of their acquaintances.
In one post, Li can be seen arm-in-arm with Vivienne and two other men, posing for the camera.

“Susan Li (Bloomberg TV Asia Pacific host), Ronald Joseph Arculli (Chairman of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing), Vivienne and Susan’s husband celebrating Veronica Chou’s and taken at Veronica Chou and Evgeny Klyucharev wedding reception,” the caption reads.
It was difficult to tell which of the two men was Li’s husband.

susan li

However, another image of the same event, posted by Vivienne, clears up the confusion. The photograph showed Li and Vivienne flanking a single man in the center. That same man could be seen to the right of the previously mentioned photograph.
“Vivienne, Susan Li (the very talented host of Bloomberg TV, Asia Pacific) and Susan’s husband as guests at Veronica Chou’s wedding,” the caption for the second photo reads.

If Li’s previous Facebook posts are any indication, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume she was married.
Because nothing confirmed by the Bloomberg host herself, readers advised to take this information with a grain of salt.

LiCareer and Lifestyle Suggestions Regarding Her Marital Status

Li has covered financial news since she was a Canadian anchor. Many international networks drawn to Li’s vivacious personality. Around the year 2012, she relocated to Hong Kong to work as the Hong Kong-based anchor for Bloomberg Television before moving to New York to join FOX Business Network as a business correspondent.
Li recently took a break from her otherwise statistical reporting to investigate the rise in divorce rates in the United States following the pandemic. According to her survey, couples staying at home together, combined with the added stress of homeschooling their children and income loss, are most likely to blame for the rising divorce rate.

Divorces increased by 34% from the previous year, according to her report, and 57 per cent of couples expressed a ‘interest to separate.’ While those figures may appear intimidating, Li takes them in stride. She has no qualms about being a single, self-sufficient woman. This characteristic she inherited from her mother, who raised her and her siblings on her own.
The former Bloomberg host discussed her family’s relocation from China to Canada in an article on harpersbazaar.com. Where they watched a live broadcast of the Tiananmen Square protest. She referred to that moment as a pivotal turning point in her life because it set her on the path to becoming an anchor, while also crediting her mother for inspiring her to become a strong and independent woman.


Her mother was the driving force behind her decision to become a strong mentor to other aspiring women. Li is blazing a trail for other young women who want to forge their own path. She certainly come a long way from being a poor child in China to become one of the top ten news anchors. on US television networks. Her desire to become a strong independent woman. Li particularly not much interested in companionship. To each his or her own. According to Li’s own mantra— #expressyourself #youdoyou