Tammy Pescatelli quickly realized “the One” she was seeking was Palanca, Luca


Tammy Pescatelli and Luca Palanca were pursuing careers in the same field and had the same group of friends, but it took them four years to meet each other. It took a while for her to realize “the one” that she was searching for and truly wanted was her husband.

Tammy Pescatelli

Luca Palanca, a fellow standup comedian, has been a fan since 2008. And it didn’t take her long to realize that he was the one she wanted to be with.

The Love Story of Tammy Pescatelli and Palanca

In 2011, Pescatelli shared her story about meeting Palanca in a post on WeTV’s website. The two were pursuing careers in Hollywood. Both were regulars at Mitzi Shore’s The Comedy Store.The Couple even shared a group of Italian friends because they are both of Italian descent.
They weren’t, however, strangers. They were acquainted and used to be invited to each other’s parties and even supposed to be working together at one point. Furthermore, one of their mutual friends had attempted to set them up while they were dating other people. Despite this, Pescatelli and Palanca did not cross paths for four years. Pescatelli then went on a double date with her neighbor one night. Palanca was the best friend and roommate of the neighbors’ date. As a result of many coincidences, the pair eventually ended up together.


Pescatelli stated that it took her only a short time to realize that Palanca was “the one” for her. After dating for two years, the couple married in 2008. With their careers and a baby, the couple’s schedules were jam-packed. As a result, they married in a short and intimate ceremony at Justice of Peace. However, under the pressure of their relatives, particularly their mothers, the couple had a wed-tismal — a wedding for themselves and a baptism for their baby boy — in Meadville.

Pescatelli, who adored her mother, couldn’t deny her mother’s desire to do ‘girly’ things. As a result, the comedian went through the traditional wedding journey, including dress shopping and a surprise shower with her family. Palanca was also deeply involved in the second wedding.
As a result, the couple had a second traditional wedding, with Pescatelli’s father and the Mayor of Meadville officiating. They married for the second time, this time in front of their families. Pescateli has been married to her husband for nearly 16 years. Pescatelli claims that her son, Luca, is a natural-born prodigy named after his father. She frequently mentions him on her Instagram.