The Arrest of Drakeo The Ruler Reignites the ‘Free Drakeo’ Movement

It started all over again when a strange thing happened in Drakeo. The “Free Drakeo” movement started again after that. When Darrell Caldwell, the real name of the Ruler, went to jail on August 22, 2021, it was on Sunday morning.

Free Drakeo

Police stopped the Uber he and his son were in. The rapper, who is 28, was live on Instagram when they did. All the time, he could be heard asking the authorities how he could have been at fault in that case. In the video, the cops didn’t say why they arrested the rapper, but the video seems to show that the car he was in had tinted windows, which is why the cops pulled it over. Nobody from the police or the rapper has said anything about the case in a while. However, many people are angry about the arrest because the rapper said that the car he was arrested in was an Uber and not his own.
His Tinted Windows were the reason for him being pulled over.


A video from the rapper says that he was arrested by the LAPD for having tinted windows. Still, the police asked him to get out of the car.

In the background, an officer can be heard saying, “We’re going to ask you one more time to step out. If you say no, then we’ll do what we have to do, then I’ll take you off, and then I’ll take you to jail.”
He asked the officer what was going on, but he didn’t hear what he said because he looked very shocked. It didn’t stop there. In the end, the rapper got out of the car and was met by two police officers in masks. The rest of the incident was not caught on camera. Hip Hop Ties re-uploaded a part of the video on Twitter.

Fans brought back the “Free Drakeo” campaign.

In the end, the fans didn’t like how things turned out. People have been talking about Drakeo’s arrest on Twitter after a video of him went viral, and they want him to be freed from prison. As of this writing, little is known about the rapper’s arrest. He also tweeted that he had been watched by the police since he came back home in November. Then again, Drakeo hasn’t done his first rodeo. The rapist had already agreed to plead guilty to charges of criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a car.
he was found not guilty of killing and attempting to kill a person two years ago. Still, the district attorney re-filed the case, which kept him in prison while he waited for a new trial to start over again. The rapper talked to Complex in the weeks after he was freed from prison. A successful black man who had come out of poverty thought that he was being singled out because he was successful and had come out of poverty.