The fact that Emily Bett Rickards kissed Aisha Tyler added fuel to the fire of rumors regarding her possible dating life.

Since 2018, actress Emily Bett Rickards and The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler have been linked.

Emily Bett Rickards and Aisha Tyler, co-host of The Talk, have been speculated to be dating since Tyler released photos of the two kissing in a photo booth in 2018. Rickard recently tweeted another photo of the two locking lips, reigniting the speculation.

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The Difficulty

Tyler was previously married for over two decades before becoming linked to the Arrow star.

In college, The Talk co-host met her ex-husband, attorney Jeffrey Tietjens. On May 21, 1994, the couple married shortly after the meeting.

However, when Tietjens filed for divorce in April 2016, the news of their breakup made headlines. The pair split up in January 2015, according to TMZ.

Tyler cried during one of her Monday episodes of The Talk as she discussed her deteriorating relationship. The show’s host stated that the couple had ended their relationship in the most amicable way possible and that she will always love him.

Tyler made no mention of the reasons for the couple’s breakup. Tyler had been public about having fertility troubles, according to the episode on The Talk, which made the couple lose hope of ever having a kid.

The show’s host disclosed that the couple had failed multiple IVF attempts and that their physicians had informed her she had a 5% chance of becoming pregnant.

Genuine Love

Tyler shared a cute photo booth photo of herself and Rickards on Instagram over a year after their divorce. The photo was shared on October 27, 2018, and it featured a three-picture sequence of the two.

Tyler looks to be making a ridiculous face with her tongue out and her eyes wide open in the first photo, and the actress appears to be giggling. The two appear to be passionately locking lips in the second photo. The third photo shows the two with big, relaxed smiles.

Following this article, Dish Nation announced the two were dating on October 31, 2018. Tyler and Rickards, on the other hand, have remained silent about their romance.

When Rickards tweeted a photo of the two sharing another passionate lip-locking moment, rumors of the two datings revived.

Rickards released a monochromatic photo of Tyler and Stone smooching on May 15, 2020, while advertising Tyler’s cocktails from Courage and Stone.

Tyler did dress in a gleaming sequins jacket over a white t-shirt with Kiss inscribed on it in the photo, and the scene appeared to be that the two were at a party with some light stands in the background.

Despite the fact that Tyler and Rickards haven’t confirmed or denied their relationship. The photo caught a passionate and loving moment.

The most essential thing is that they are happy and healthy, regardless of their relationship status.