The relationship between Marques Brownlee and his girlfriend Nikki is built on pure love and support

No matter how bad their condition is, everyone seeks a companion who will always be by their side, encourage, and motivate them. And it appears that Marques Brownlee has found the perfect match.

MKBHD, as he is known on YouTube, is dating Nikki Hair, his longtime girlfriend who has always been by his side throughout his life.

Marques Brownlee’s girlfriend is one of his biggest supporters

Brownlee’s relationship with his fiancée has been going strong since the beginning. Hair is his most ardent supporter.

In an Instagram post dated June 4, 2020, she expressed her love and support for the Columbia High School graduate.

The post included a video of MKBHD questioning his ability and questioning if he could be on his squad because of his abilities or because he was black.

He believes that being black was a factor in his crew’s decision to choose him.

Marques Brownlee with his girlfriend, Nikki Hair, in Bayonne, New Jersey, in August 2021. (Photo: Instagram)

Hair stated in the caption of the image, referring to her boyfriend’s experience, that the words were difficult to hear and were made even more difficult because they came from someone she cared deeply about.

She defended her partner, emphasizing that he was good at what he did and that his skin color had no bearing on his abilities.

She also encouraged others to educate themselves and have dialogues about the matter with their children and others in their lives.

She also stated that she still had a lot to learn and that she would continue to exercise her freedom to speak up.

Since 2016, Marques Brownlee and Nikki have been dating

Late in 2016, Brownlee began dating his girlfriend. Hair and Brownlee were first seen together on August 12, 2016, when Hair posted a photo of herself and Brownlee holding a trophy.

Following that day, the two were seen together in several locations.

Hair, on the other hand, never misses an opportunity to flaunt photos with her spouse.

For example, when the two headed to The Plaza Hotel on April 14, 2018 to attend Stevens’ gala, Hair took the opportunity to share a gorgeous photo of them sharing a smooch.

Similarly, the two have enjoyed several amusing moments, as evidenced by Brownlee’s tweet from August 27, 2018.

Brownlee said in the tweet that he had promised his fiancée that he would cook dinner that day, but that just five minutes later, he had to get eight stitches in his finger.

The 1.9-meter YouTuber and his partner are frequently spotted working out and cycling vast distances. Hair also frequently posts pictures of the two of them playing frisbee on the field, as they are both professional frisbee players.

She also used Instagram to commemorate their fifth year of dating.

“5 years is a long time. Swipe left for two uncomfortable infants who only hurled hammers at each other, and right for two awkward babies who only threw hammers at each other, “She captioned a carousel with photos of herself and her beau.

Brownlee and Hair are undeniably in a good place in their relationship. Given how well their relationship is going, it wouldn’t be surprising if he proposed to her and made her his wife anytime soon.