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Thomas Ravenel

Who is Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend?

Ashley Jacobs, Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend, was born in Santa Barbara, California, on December 1, 1984, making her a Sagittarius by astrological sign and an American citizen. She is well-known as a model, nurse, and reality TV star, and as a partner of Thomas Ravenel, a well-known politician, and former state treasurer.

Education Details

Ashley is very private and has never revealed anything to the public about her upbringing or her parents, however, she did briefly reveal on the reality TV program “Southern Charm” that her father passed away when she was just 13 years old. Before she posted a photo of herself and her younger sister on Instagram, she was also claimed to be an only child. Ashley grew up in a middle-class family and can’t recall anything particularly noteworthy about it.

Ashley graduated from a local Santa Barbara high school, went on to enroll in nursing school, and eventually earned a medical bachelor’s degree. Her decision to become a nurse was inspired by the nurses who were caring for her father when he passed away. She committed herself at that time that she would one day fulfill that promise.

Professional Career

Although Ashley is very likely to appear in the sixth season of the reality TV series “Southern Charm,” it appears that her boyfriend Thomas Ravenel will not be a part of the show again after he stated, “I’m not doing the show anymore.” Ashley rose to fame after she appeared in the fifth season as Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend. According to the terms of the agreement, they may fictionalize your story. They used me unfairly. I informed them that I would not be returning since I felt I had too much to lose.

Ashley has been working as a nurse at the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital since she graduated in 2008. Her primary duty is to care for individuals with terminal illnesses who have suffered spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. She is employed by a home health organization that specializes in hospice care as well.

Show “Southern Charm”

The American reality television program “Southern Charm” premiered on the Bravo channel on March 3, 2014. Seven people who reside in Charleston, South Carolina, are followed in each season in both their personal and professional life. Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, Thomas Ravenel, Jenna King, Shep Rose, and Whitney Sudler-Smith were all original cast members of the show. However, the cast has changed throughout the series; King left after the first season, Sudley-Smith after the third, and Thomas Ravenel after everything that transpired with Ashley in the fifth. He announced his withdrawal from the program in September 2018, immediately following his arrest for assault and battery, which inadvertently damaged his standing as an effective politician.

The program debuted to great popularity in its initial season and has since received yearly renewals. There have now been five seasons and 67 episodes of the program.

Thomas Ravenel Dating Life (Relationship)

Ashley and Thomas are claimed to have fallen in love right away and have been together since they first met in a bar in Santa Barbara in May 2017 before joining the fifth season of “Southern Charm.” Thomas was a very jealous man, so they spent a lot of time apart while they were dating and planning to get married. However, after Thomas accused Ashley of cheating on him in September 2018, their wedding plans were abandoned. Although it is unknown whether the two are still together, it is assumed that they broke up afterward. The daughter of Mike Ryan, a former Chief of Staff of the Air Force General, Mary “Katy” Ryan is the second wife of Thomas, a well-known politician. After their 1998 divorce, Thomas started dating Kathryn Calhoun. Kensington and St. Julien are two children Dennis and the two have; they are currently living with Thomas, but his ex-girlfriend Kathryn is vying for custody.

Ashley is presently living in Charleston, South Carolina, appears to be unmarried, has never been married, and has never given birth to any children.

Do you know Who is Thomas Ravenel?

Thomas Ravenel is 22 years older than Ashley but the two of them didn’t seem to have any issues with it. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina on August 11, 1962, making him a Leo and an American citizen. Thomas is well-known for being a politician and a former state treasurer, but in 2014, following his debut on “Southern Charm,” he attracted further attention.

Thomas earned a bachelor’s degree from The Citadel in 1985. He afterward attended the University of South Carolina for his master’s degree, where his studies were mostly in finance and real estate. Thomas established the Ravenel Development Corporation, his own real estate business, before entering politics. He unsuccessfully sought election to the US Senate in 2004 and was ultimately fined $19,000 for improperly completing his election paperwork. After running for and winning the position of treasurer in 2006, he was stripped of his duties owing to drug abuse. It is believed that he had purchased less than 500 grams of cocaine. After being suspended, he reportedly entered a drug rehab program.

He was given a 10-month prison term in March 2008 due to his ongoing drug issues.

The two met on Tinder in December 2015, and in April 2018, Ashley accused Thomas of sexually abusing her mother. According to Ashley, Thomas “thrust his penis in her face” while pinning her arms back and sticking his fingers in her vagina. After Ashley filed a complaint, his former children’s nanny Dawn Ledwell filed one as well, accusing him of sexual battery. As was agreed upon with her counsel, her mother will not publicly discuss the situation.

On any social media sites, Thomas doesn’t appear to be active.

Interests and preferences

Ashley still finds time for leisure despite having a busy schedule with all the things she is involved in. She loves being outside in nature and loves to exercise, mainly jogging. Her favorite actors and actresses are Ryan Gosling and Emma Watson, and she enjoys watching movies. Ashley’s two favorite places to visit while traveling are Miami and Hawaii. Her favorite color is black, she enjoys shopping, which is a pastime shared by most women, and she enjoys trying new dishes, with Spanish and Chinese cuisines being her favorites.

How Tall is Thomas Ravenel? Weight, Hair Color

Ashley is 34 years old at the moment. She is 5 feet 9 inches (1.76 meters) tall, weighs about 121 pounds (55 kilograms), has an hourglass-shaped physique with vital signs of 32-24-34, and wears size 6 shoes. Ashley doesn’t have any tattoos and isn’t particularly fond of them.

Ashley’s present net worth is said to be above $100,000, according to reliable sources, and it is steadily increasing as a result of her many interests.

Social Media

Ashley has a large following across several social media sites. Since starting her Twitter account in January 2012, she has gained over 250 followers and sent out about 2,000 tweets. She has about 200 photographs posted on her nearly 140,000-followed Instagram account, which also has roughly 8,000 fans. She also has a Facebook page.

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