Tiler Peck

Tiler’s net worth will be calculated starting in 2022.

Tiler Peck

Do you know Who is Tiler Peck?

Tiler Peck is a one-of-a-kind ballet artist who has also worked as a performer and an architect. She is most recognized for her work at New York City Expressive Dance and as the winner of the Global Honors. Regardless, she is well-known for her appearances in movies like John Wick: Parabellum, NY Fare: Creation Jazz, and Expressive dance. She also oversees the Tiler Peck Plans team, which works for Body Coverings.

Quick Facts: Tiler Peck

Full Name:Tiler Peck
Birthday:12th January
Boyfriend:Robbie Fairchild
Net Worth:N/A
Profession:Ballet dancer
Sibling:Myka Peck.
Father:Georgia Peck

Tiler Peck: Early Life and Family

Tiler Peck was born in Bakersfield, California in 1989. Her birthday is on January 12th, and she was born under the sign of Capricorn. Georgia Peck is her mother, and she has a sister named Myka Peck. Tiler studied the Balanchine style at the Westside School of Expressive Dance in Santa Monica.

Tiler was born into the Peck family and was raised to identify as white. She is Georgia Peck’s daughter, who claims to be a member of the Bakersfield Dance Organization but hasn’t said anything about her father’s personality.

Tyler, according to her mother, began moving when she was two years old. She attended Conjunctive Point for Culver City, California with Patricia Neary and Westside School of Artful Dance in Santa Clause Monica with previous NYCB head Yvonne Mounsey at the time.

Tiler Peck Net worth, Earnings

Tiler’s net worth will be calculated starting in 2020.

Tiler Peck Dating Life (Relationship)

Tiler has discovered love again after a failed marriage with Robbie Fairchild. She is dating a New York-based model called Tommy Dunn. The couple began going in 2018.

Tiler and Tommy have also been attending capacities, wandering through the streets together, and traveling on a trip together. They haven’t shared anything about their marriage, however.

How Tall is Tiler Peck? Weight, Hair Color

Tiler stands about 5 feet 5 inches tall. She has a sexy grin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

Professional Career

  • Tiler began her career as a ballet dancer, but she found her Broadway calling in Susan Stroman’s staging of Meredith Wilson’s musical The Music Man.
  • From 2000 to 2001, she studied at the School of American Expressive Dance.
  • She joined as a student at 6the New York City Artful Dance in 2004. In October 2008, Tiler was elevated from corps de Artful dance to soloist and eventually to lead artist.
  • In 2012 and 2014, Tiler was honored as a performer in front of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the Kennedy Respects ceremony.
  • She also released her dancewear collection with Tiler Peck Plans in 2014. After rejoining Susan Stroman in October 2014, she also worked on another piece, Little Artist.
  • Tiler, in addition to being a ballet dancer, has appeared in films such as Catfish, A Period for Moving, Donnie Darko, and Geppetto in minor roles. However, she received
  • recognition for her roles in John Wick: Parabellum and NY Fare: Creation Jazz and Artful Dance.