Tim Dillon Patreon audience from ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ is raking in the dough

When Tim Dillon became a fan favorite guest on Joe Rogan’s famed podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, his budding career as a comic gained traction.

It was only a matter of time until millions of listeners and viewers became aware of his presence and caliber as a comedian, and began to seek out unique content from him.

The Ascension of Tim Dillon as a Comedian

Dillon is causing a stir with his stand-up appearances and outspoken demeanor, but it hasn’t been long since he began his comedy career.

Dillon dreamed of making it great in the mortgage sector since he was a little actor. In his early twenties, he graduated from Nassau Community College and entered the business.

He took a chance and paid $570,000 for a house. However, due to the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, he was unable to repay the debt, and the bank seized the property, which was then placed up for auction.

Following the defeat, a saddened Dillon immediately changed his career direction. He then went to Lisa’s Lounge, a restaurant, and began doing stand-up comedy.

Years later, he teamed up with Ray Kump to present the Gas Digital Network podcast Tim Dillon is Going to Hell.

The comedy duo tackled serious conspiracies while expressing their viewpoints in a lighthearted manner. Their candid opinions on delicate issues gained them notoriety, and they were able to secure interviews with government insiders such as investigative journalist Russ Baker.

Dillon made his debut as a fresh face at the Montreal Comedy Festival in 2016, and he drew a lot of attention. After that, he went on tour with fellow comic Bert Kreischer.

Following his return, the 36-year-old made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles. While working with producer Ben Avery, he began broadcasting his stand-up routines on YouTube.

In ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ he made an appearance

Dillon’s Growing Notoriety as a Comedian Reached Joe Rogan’s Management Team Dillon’s growing notoriety as a comedian soon reached Joe Rogan’s management team. As a result, he was invited to appear on the show as a guest.

The comedian made his first appearance on the show on November 22, 2019, and has since become a frequent guest.

Dillon entered the set with Alex Jones in his fifth appearance on the show, which aired on October 27, 2020. With over 19 million viewers, the episode became one of the most-watched and polarizing in the series’ history.

With his regular appearances on the show, the Island Park native earned new fans. Who pledged to support his Patreon-funded podcast show.

Dillon is a Patreon Success Story

Dillon’s podcast, The Tim Dillon Show, has two tiers on Patreon. Both the $5 and $20 a month packages include access to the performance.
His $5 tier grants access to his show as well as bonus episodes. Visitors to the second package can suggest subjects and receive additional episodes and sketches.

The podcast has a total of 26,462 subscribers, making it the platform’s fifth most popular show. According to his Patreon statistics, the comedian earns roughly $144,366 per month.

His net worth is bolstered by his YouTube revenues as well. The Tim Dillon Show, his YouTube channel, has over 315K followers and 35 million views.

Because of his accomplishment, the content producer understands the value of money better. He realizes that not everything in life can be purchased, such as his mother’s mental health. She suffers from schizophrenia.

In a 2016 interview with WNYC Studios, the Patreon celebrity explained how having millions of cash would not improve his mother’s health. He stated that money would not be of assistance to her.

Since Dillon was 20 years old, his mother has been in and out of psychiatric facilities.