Tim Leissner

Tim Leissner

Do you know Who is Tim Leissner?

Tim Leissner was born in 1971 in the United States of America, of German and Brazilian descent, and is a former Goldman Sachs banker, but is probably best known as the husband of a fashion model and fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons.

Early Life

While little is known about Tim’s childhood, it is known that he had few restrictions and that his parents encouraged him to pursue the career he desired as a child. Tim Leissner also demonstrated a high level of intelligence by performing well in high school and earning high marks from teachers. He matriculated at the University of Siegen in Germany, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 1991.

He then attended the University of Hartford to pursue an MBA. Following that, he enrolled in the University of Somerset to pursue a Ph.D. While pursuing his doctorate, he was also employed by Lehman Brothers as the head of mergers and acquisitions. He was in charge of the Asia-Pacific region and stayed with the company for six years. Following the completion of his doctorate and a lengthy tenure with the company, he left to pursue a job with Goldman Sachs, where he was appointed Executive Director of the company’s Mergers and Acquisitions division.


Tim served well for the next few years as his career at Goldman Sachs progressed, and his accomplishments eventually saw him promoted to acting chief of staff to Richard Gnodde. He worked his way up and eventually became co-president of the company’s Singapore market, where he stayed for a few years before leaving to move to Hong Kong and expand the company’s reach.

The company expanded even more, and he was appointed Chairman of the entire South-East Asia Division. As the division’s head, he assisted in the creation of multibillion-dollar deals with the Malaysian state fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd or 1MDB; however, concerns arose when rumors circulated about whether or not 1MDB was using the money on local projects as intended. The evidence raised the possibility that funds had been misappropriated, prompting an investigation that concluded that the company had made some inaccuracies as well as unauthorized moves. Tim left Goldman Sachs in 2017 after the bank’s popularity in the country declined significantly. His current job situation is unknown.

Net Worth

Tim Leissner’s net worth is unknown. Sources estimate a net worth of more than $25 million as of late 2018, earned through a successful banking career. His net worth has also increased as a result of his wife’s success, who is estimated to be worth $50 million. It is expected that his wealth will increase as he continues his endeavors.

Relationship Status

In terms of his personal life, Tim was previously married to Judy Chan, the daughter of a Chinese businessman who owned a coal mining company. The relationship, however, did not last long and ended in divorce. He later married Kimora Lee Simmons, who had previously been married twice. According to an interview, the couple met on a plane, and their relationship began with an argument but ended with a marriage proposal, which they accepted in 2013. They share a child, and she has three children from previous marriages. Tim has been barred from working in the US securities industry as a result of the problems he caused with his work in Malaysia.

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