Timmac Relationship, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, WIki

This Twitch streamer and gamer has a net worth of close to $1 million.


Do you know Who is Timmac?

Timmac, whose full identity is still a mystery, was born in the United States on June 12, 1983, making him 36 years old and a Gemini by astrological sign. American citizen Timmac is well known for streaming on Twitch and posting gameplay videos to his YouTube channel. Although his talent has helped him earn followers and notoriety, it also raises certain concerns about his personal life, romantic relationships, and formative years.

Timmac Net worth, Earnings

So, how wealthy is Timmac as of the middle of 2019? This Twitch streamer and gamer has a net worth of close to $1 million, according to reliable sources. His money has been accumulated by his career in the aforementioned industry. He hasn’t mentioned his possessions, such as houses and cars, but it appears that he can sustain himself and his family financially. As a YouTuber and streamer, he receives payment each time an advertisement is shown alongside one of his videos.

How Tall is Timmac? Weight, Hair Color

Timmac is Caucasian, with dark hair and eyes, and belongs to that racial group. According to pictures posted online, this YouTuber and gamer has a fit physique and presents himself well, suggesting that he invests time and effort in his appearance. He hasn’t discussed his upbringing or formative years, though, as he chooses to keep some things private.

Social Media

Being in the entertainment industry, Timmac is a natural social media user who uses his accounts to interact with his followers as well as to advertise his videos and expand his audience. On Twitter, he has 36,000 followers, and one of his most recent tweets reads, “I need something to watch on the TV. I don’t like new or somewhat relevant schtick. What suggestions have you got?” Then, his supporters continued to offer him suggestions. In addition, he frequently shares while live broadcasting.

Timmac utilizes Instagram, where he has 1,500 followers and is active, to post pictures from his personal life with his followers so they can get a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes. There are a lot of wonderful memories made on this trip, but I can’t wait to come home and make some new ones with you guys,” he recently said besides a sweet snapshot of himself and his daughter. It appears that his supporters enjoyed it because they continued to leave him several lovely comments praising the appearance of his daughter. In addition, Timmac posted a picture of himself and a friend.

Timmac Dating Life (Relationship)

As previously said, Timmac tends to keep some private matters to himself, but he has posted several tweets about his wife. He said in 2018 that getting married to this lovely woman a year after meeting her was the best decision of his life. All that matters is that the pair appears to be enjoying a happy and prosperous life together. Their first kid, a daughter named Mia, was born in 2016, and he frequently shares pictures of her on social media.

Professional Career

Timmac is well-known for his Twitch broadcasting. 140 films, including “What a Beautiful Day For a Wedding,” “Shaggy Confesses his Sins to Ella!” “Shaggy gets his Tarot Cards to read to him,” “Shaggy and Ella Go To Therapy,” and “Timmac Watches a Video From His Viewers and Opens Presents,” have been produced by him in that sector. His most popular films, which have all had a sizable number of views, include “Caught in the act,” “Sal sets Soze on fire,” “This is a very creepy location,” “Footage of jailbreak,” and “If you don’t hand it over.”

Vimeo videos

Timmac not only has a Twitch account but also a YouTube channel. His first video was “Exploding Beers, Thanks Randy” released in 2014. He next uploaded “Cop Heaven” and “Clearing Federal Reserve Rooftops – Yolo Swag Style.” His 10,000+ views “Arma3Sync with TaskForceRadio Setup Tutorial,” “Best Security System in ARK,” and “Arma 3 Project Life – The Aussie Victim” are some of his more popular videos. The Tales of Shaggy Dankweed | “Acting” | Ep1 Part 1 | GTA: RP and Driving Licence Court Case | Shaggy Dankweed | GTA RP were two more popular videos that Timmac posted in 2017. His videos have been viewed 190,000 times in total, which undoubtedly has a big impact on his financial situation. He has 9,000 subscribers, and because he works hard, his audience keeps expanding.


About the GTA video game, Timmac has recently been the focus of a little dispute. He allegedly selected the option to have his character completely naked by accident as he was browsing through several character adjustments and options. He avoided difficulty, but streamers should exercise caution as they risk being banned for using NSFW – Not Safe For Work – game content.

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