Do you know Who is TJ Hunt?

Thomas Hunt was born in Canada on December 28, 1994, under the sign of Capricorn.TJ Hunt is best known as a YouTuber who makes car-related videos.

TJ Hunt Dating Life (Relationship)

TJ, being in the entertainment industry, naturally shares a lot of information with his fans. He is in a relationship with Sabrina Leamon, whom he met in one of his prior videos.

TJ Hunt Net worth, Earnings

So, how wealthy is TJ Hunt? According to reliable sources, this YouTuber earns approximately $420 per day – more than $150,000 per year – for a total of more than $600,000 amassed through his nine-year career in the aforementioned industry, which began in 2009. As a YouTube content creator, he earns money every time an ad appears in one of his videos. He also makes money through paid collaborations. Hunt, like the bulk of other well-known YouTubers, sells his goods to supplement his income.

Professional Career

TJ Hunt began his career by publishing the video “Dye NT Shooting,” which has been viewed by over 31,000 people as of today and was immediately followed by uploading another video named “Dye NT Unboxing,” which has been viewed by 17,000 people. Hunt continued to work quickly, uploading the videos “Gear Bag Video” and “A Closer Look at Dye NT,” both of which were watched by a smaller audience.

He continued to upload videos the following year but then went on a three-year break, during which he did not upload any videos to his channel. After the break, Hunt resumed publishing car-related videos, beginning with “BMW 338i Performance Exhaust & Intake (E90),” and shortly after changing the focus of his channel, he began getting more subscribers and gaining more views, acquiring greater audience recognition. He went on to upload “A Little Introductory,” which has nearly 60,000 views, and then released another video titled “Automotive Photography Garage Shoot.”

In May 2014, he posted films such as “Toyota Fest 2014,” “MCM Meet USA in LA,” and “Palm Springs Cruisin,” all of which received favorable feedback from the audience. Hunt also makes Q&A videos on occasion, answering questions sent to him via social media.

Most noteworthy videos

TJ’s most popular videos include “I Got a Wideboy Kit For the BRZ,” which has nearly three million views, and “No F*cks Given Miata Review,” which has over 2.6 million views. In addition, he posted the video “Making a Lexus Loud,” which was viewed by 2.2 million people. He posted the title Honda’s won’t stop revving at me in late 2015, and “Meet my girlfriend” in the following time, in which he introduced his fiancée to his viewers.

Most recently uploaded videos

Speaking of his most recent videos, these include “Entering the Rotary World,” “I Regret Not Buying This,” and “Our Last Day,” all of which have received a high amount of views. In late March, he posted the video “Pushing My Limits,” which has already been watched by over 220,000 people, to a generally positive response, thus it is safe to conclude that Hunt has been able to create a loyal fanbase thanks to his ability and constant uploading schedule. He currently has over 800,000 subscribers and his videos have been seen over 200 million times, which has undoubtedly contributed to his net worth.


TJ was called out in late 2017 by his fellow YouTuber, SmurfinWRF, who was also his business partner at the time. He was exposed for forming a new firm while still in cooperation with the aforementioned YouTuber, who indicated that Hunt’s actions were unethical, but added that he did not respond to him or his attorneys.