Tony Robbins Honors Wife Sage Robbins on Her First Mother’s Day Information about His Kids

Sage Robbins, Tony Robbins’ first child, was born to him and his wife.

After the couple welcomed their first child in April 2021, Tony Robbins celebrated his long-time wife, Sage Robbins’ first mother’s day.

On May 10, 2021, he captioned a gorgeous photo of his wife and their first-born, expressing his thanks to her. She was described as a force of nature by the motivational speaker, who praised her intense love, brilliance, intuition, wisdom, and elegance for making their home a divine place.

He also stated that Sage’s presence in his life was a blessing for him and his extended family.

He said that Mother’s Day was a day to celebrate womanhood and that there is no love like a mother’s love, shifting his focus from the new mother to all the moms throughout the world. He wished all mothers a happy Mother’s Day at the end of his heartfelt letter.

Surrogacy gave the life coach (61) and his wife (46) their first child, a baby daughter, in April 2021. On April 4, 2021, Robbins shared the good news on Instagram, revealing that the surrogacy was facilitated by a friend.

On April 18, 2021, he informed his fans via Instagram about his experience as a parent, detailing how bed head snugs and late night feedings had turned out to be a beautiful trip.

Details On Robbins’ Children And Relationship

In the year 2000, Robbins met his wife, Sage Robbins, at a Hawaii motivational conference. Mrs. Robbins’ appearance was enough for the author to fall in love with her, and a year later, in 2001, they married in Fiji.

The wedded couple has been together ever since. Robbins’ seminar trips take them all over the world, and they’re often seen together.

Robbins was previously married to Rebecca “Becky” Jenkins before to his marriage to Sage. Jenkins had three children from a previous marriage when he married her in 1984.

Robbins, on the other hand, broke up with her after 16 years of marriage. Later, he disclosed that their breakup was caused by a shift in core values.

Jairek Robbins, the American writer’s biological son, was born in 1984 to him and his former partner, Liz Acosta. Jairek Robbins, Robbins’ son, is a budding performance coach and motivational speaker who follows in his father’s footsteps.

His Unusual Approach to Parenting

Robbins has talked on a variety of themes throughout the course of his 43-year career, ranging from money management to addressing one’s anxieties. One of the most intriguing of them is his viewpoint on child rearing.

This viewpoint was expressed during the motivational speaker’s May 16, 2017 interview with Inc. He stated in the interview that parents must be able to speak to their children in a way that encourages them to improve their thinking.

He went on to say that instead of telling their children how brilliant, beautiful, unique, wonderful, or exceptional they are, parents should encourage them to focus on the hard work they put in to solve difficulties.
If parents followed this advice, the motivational speaker felt, their children would grow into people who valued hard work, effort, and perseverance. He underlined that this would benefit them in both their personal and professional life.

Furthermore, the benefactor believed that children of all ages should be taught how to manage their family’s resources.

He even uploaded a message on April 1, 2019, in which he requested parents to teach their children about money management at home because it is not taught in schools.

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