Tori Phantom Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

Their earnings and net wealth, however, are unknown.

Tori Phantom

Tori Phantom is a TikTok celebrity, video creator, YouTuber, and social media figure from the United States. Tori Phantom is well-known for their TikTok account ‘@toriphantom.

Early Life, Age, Parents

Tori Phantom is 30 years old and was born on September 7, 1992.

Their zodiac sign is Virgo. Tori is originally from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, in the United States.

On their Instagram account, ‘@tori.phantom,’ they periodically post photos of their family and holiday celebrations. Their names and other information, however, are not available.


Tori is well known for their TikTok channel ‘@toriphantom,’ where they publish cooking and parenting tips videos. Furthermore, they have over 3.8 million followers on the platform. Tori rose to prominence after posting cooking and parenting advice videos on her TikTok account. They also post photos of their family and holiday events on their Instagram account, ‘@tori.phantom. They also started a TikTok account in December 2019.

Similarly, one of their most popular TikTok videos shows them outlining their parenting style while applying cosmetics. They also started their own Phantom Family Podcast. Tori released a TikTok video set to Natalie Taylor’s “Surrender” in July 2020.

On April 8, 2020, they launched their self-titled YouTube channel. ‘My Family Isn’t Allowed To Hug My Kids,’ ‘How To Gentle Parent When Your Parents Weren’t Gentle,’ ‘How I Teach My Kids About Internet Safety,’ ‘I Don’t Care If My Kids Get Bad Grades,’ and many more are among its most popular YouTube videos.

Similarly, recent videos include ‘My Kids Keep Testing My Patience,’ ‘I Make My Kids Throw NEW Tantrums,’ ‘Gently Parented Kid Rages On iPad,’ ‘I Let My Kids Lock Their Doors,’ ‘E20 – Sick Parenting Skills,’ ‘E19 – Ask Questions, Get Answers!,’ and many more.

Endorsements for Tori Phantom

This person may have or may be endorsing some things from some brands but is unknown to the rest of the world. Tori, on the other hand, routinely mentions photographer @milkmanphotog on her Instagram.

Relationship Situation

This individual’s marital status is married. Tori married Jimmy Knipps in December 2016, and the couple has three children. They both make a lot of TikTok and YouTube videos together.

Height, Weight

Tori is of average height and weight. Their height and weight, however, are not disclosed. Their other physical measures, such as dress size, breast size, waist size, shoe size, and so on, are likewise unknown.

Tori also has dark brown eyes and black hair, which frequently tint different colors. Furthermore, this personality has numerous tattoos on Tori’s body.

Social networking sites

Tori’s self-titled YouTube channel has over 201K subscribers. Their Instagram handle, ‘@tori.phantom,’ has over 146K followers. Similarly, their TikTok account, ‘@toriphantom,’ has over 4.3 million followers and over 235.5 million likes.

Furthermore, their Facebook page has over 132K followers. Their Twitter account now has 837 followers.

Tori Phantom’s net worth in 2023

This media celebrity will undoubtedly make a good living from their work. Their earnings and net wealth, however, are unknown.

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