Tracy Butler

Tracy Butler

Do you know Who is Tracy Butler?

American-born Tracy Butler is a meteorologist best known for her work with ABC 7’s “News This Morning” and “Windy City Live,” two entertainment programs. Tracy Butler was born in the United States of America.

Early Life

Although little is known about Tracy’s early years, it is known that she grew up in the US and was very close to her father, a US military veteran. While she was in high school, her grandmother frequently stayed at their house to watch “All My Children” because she also had two brothers.

Tracy continued her education at Mississippi State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree after matriculating. She spent her first four years there before moving on to the University of Oregon in Pennsylvania to complete her certification. One of her first positions was as a broadcaster for WTRF-TV in Western Virginia, where she worked until 1988. After that, she spent the next three years as the chief weather anchor at WFMJ-TV in Youngstown, Ohio, before moving to Richmond, Virginia, to anchor weathercasts for WRIC-TV, which provided the network’s morning and noon weather reports.


Butler joined ABC 7 News in 1995, which employed her as a meteorologist to report for the show “This Morning.” As one of the recurring faces of the morning broadcasts for many years to come, she increased her popularity. In a daily conversation and entertainment program called “Windy City Live,” also offered weather reports throughout that segment. Spencer Christian and Tony Perkins, who were unable to make the day’s program, were replaced by her as weather report hosts on “Good Morning America.”

Butler would join the American Meteorological Society as well as the National Weather Association. Throughout her career, she has won numerous honors, including the Executive Women’s Golf Association’s “Woman of the Year” title, the Illinois Treasurer’s Public Service Award, and the Public Education Award from the MS Society Illinois Chapter. Along with the ABC 7 Weather crew, she received an Emmy Award in 2014 for their “Surviving the Storm” television show.

Tracy and Scott Woodruff also worked together on the “Duke Classic,” a golf event that raised $60,000 in revenue and donated it to the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the Wounded Warrior Project in memory of longtime ABC 7 cameraman Michael Dukewich. Additionally, she founded the Weather Sketcher’s Club, which invites kids ages 13 and younger to bring in their weather-related drawings made with paint, markers, pencils, and crayons so they can be included on the show “This Morning”.

Net Worth

Tracy Butler’s net worth is? According to accounts, as of mid-2018, she had a net worth of over $1 million, most of which came from her work as a meteorologist. She has worked for a long time and has taken part in several broadcasts during her career.

Relationship Status

Tracy is a married woman who met her husband—an oddly unnamed man—on a blind date set up by her cousin. The couple wed in 1992 and went on to have two children. She has a supportive husband who even threw her a celebration after she graduated from the University of Oregon in Pennsylvania. Many people frequently remark on the clothing she wears in her videos as well as her hair. She frequently receives questions about her wardrobe because of her fame on television; as a result, she now keeps a dress calendar so she can remember what she wore each day and assist others. She also enjoys playing golf, and in her free time, she takes part in several charity golf tournaments.

Social Media

Butler is quite active on social media, notably on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where she posts a lot of her most current work, including podcasts and videos of her on location. This is typical of many news and weather characters. Through her social media profiles, she also informs users of the weather. On the other hand, her Instagram account features photos of her at the ABC’s backstage area as well as some of her regular activities.

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