Trainwreckstv Relationship, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, WIki

He stands 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall.


Do you know Who is Trainwreckstv?

Trainwreckstv is well-known for his Twitch channel, where he primarily live streams his “League of Legends,” “Halo,” and “World of Warcraft” gameplays. He was born on December 20, 1990, in Austin, Texas, USA, and is of American nationality.

Trainwreckstv: Early Life and Family

As he loves to keep his concerns private, Trainwreckstv hasn’t shared a lot about his upbringing and teenage years with the public. He never discusses his parents or his siblings, leading some to believe he is an only child.

Trainwreckstv made the decision not to attend college after graduating from a nearby high school and instead to seek a profession online.

Education Details

He allegedly endured bullying his whole high school career, which motivated him to start working out at the gym to build muscle.

Professional Career

The moment Trainwreckstv created his Twitch channel in June 2015, his career officially began. Twitch is a platform where you can go live, and most people utilize it to Livestream while playing video games. If you have a large number of subscribers and watchers during your Livestream videos, you can earn a sizable chunk of money.

More than 300,000 people currently watch Trainwreckstv’s channel, and he follows close to 400 live streamers. He has submitted 86 videos to his YouTube account, most of which show him playing computer games like “PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds” and “World of Warcraft.” He has also released a few podcast episodes.

Though it doesn’t have as many subscribers as his Twitch account, Trainwreckstv’s YouTube channel is just as significant to his business. He created the channel on November 17, 2015, and as of now, it has more than 35,000 members and more than 4.5 million views across all of his videos. Most of the videos he posts on this channel are taken from his podcast; the most recent one, “Mitch Jones & Pokelawls Drama | Steven Crowder Demonetization – Scuffed Podcast Episode 44,” is about 5.5 hours lengthy.

The persons who gave the most money to Trainwreckstv are recognized in a Hall of Fame section on his Twitch channel; the person with the nickname THANKYOU693 now holds the top spot with a donation of $77,300, followed by A7 with a donation of $7,500, and Arcani9e with a donation of $4,375. Over 10 more people have donated more than $500, and five more have given more than $1,000.

Relationships and one’s personal life

As one of the most private YouTubers and Twitchers out there, Trainwreckstv has never disclosed any information about his personal life to the outside public. Two years ago, he made an exception and shared a photo of himself with his lover along with the caption, “I’m obsessed about her.” His supporters assume that the two had broken up because he hasn’t mentioned the girl since and hasn’t published a photo of them together. Although he hasn’t verified it, Trainwreckstv is reported to be dating another well-known Twitch personality right now.

According to his social media profiles, he appears to be unmarried, has never been married, and has never given birth to any children.


While Trainwreckstv generally avoids controversy, he once had his Twitch account disabled after posting a contentious tirade against female streamers.

How Tall is Trainwreckstv? Weight, Hair Color

Currently, Trainwreckstv is 28 years old. He stands 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall and has short brown hair, and brown eyes. His weight is about 200 lbs (90kgs).

Trainwreckstv Net worth, Earnings

His current net worth is reportedly above $1 million, and it is continuously increasing owing to his Twitch and YouTube channels. He also generates income by selling his stuff on his website.

Social Media

Trainwreckstv is highly active on several well-known social media sites in addition to YouTube and Twitch. He started a Twitter account in June 2015 and has since accrued more than 55,000 followers and sent out about 6,000 tweets. More than 13,000 people follow him on Instagram, where he has posted over 250 images. He also has a Facebook page with more than 5,000 followers., the popular Twitch star’s website, allows you to purchase his goods and get in touch with him if you have any queries or suggestions.

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