Do you know Who is twitch streamer LobosJr?

Mike Villalobos was born on January 27, 1987, in Costa Rica, under the sign of Aquarius, and has Costa Rican nationality. He is well-known for his Twitch account, where he primarily live streams while playing the popular video games “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne.”

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Twitch streamer LobosJr: Early Life and Family

LobosJr grew up in Costa Rica with his younger brother Brian, who is a popular actor and gamer in the community – neither of the two has spoken about their parents since they wish to keep their problems out of the spotlight.

LobosJr grew up playing computer games and quickly recognized he was quite skilled at them – he played with his younger brother, who was the first to create his own YouTube channel. By the time LobosJr reached high school, he was an ardent gamer who excelled in the video game “Dark Souls” – it was thanks to his talents and his “Dark Souls” films that he eventually became popular online. He spent most of his free time playing video games rather than socializing with his peers, which is why he was not the most popular or respected person in high school.

Education Details

LobosJr attended the University of Texas at San Antonio after graduating from high school in 2005, where he studied computer science until 2007 when he transferred to Texas State Technical College. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, BioWare hired him and he began working on their “Star Wars: The Old Republic” role-playing video game.

Twitch streamer LobosJr Dating Life (Relationship)

It is fairly common for people who have made their careers online on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram to date other social media personalities who have also made their careers online on the same platforms.

BloodyFaster (Eleni), a Twitch star known for her live streams of horror games and versions of popular songs, has been dating LobosJr for a few months now, after meeting online and decided to go on an actual date. There are no controversies or speculations around their relationship, and they appear to be happy together.

Before BloodyFaster, LobosJr dated FieldyField, another Twitch star, for several years before splitting. The romance was serious when they became engaged, but they decided to end it for unclear reasons. According to his claims and social media sites, LobosJr is now dating BloodyFaster (Eleni); he has never married and has no children.

twitch streamer LobosJr Net worth, Earnings

His net worth is expected to be more than $300,000 as of early 2020, and it is gradually increasing due to income from his online career.

Professional Career

LobosJr is well-known for his Twitch account, where he has already published over 2,600 videos of his previous live streams and amassed about 350,000 followers and over 21 million views from all of his live streams combined. On the channel, he is mostly seen live streaming while playing “Dark Souls,” but he also plays “Half-Life,” “Bloodborne,” and “Fallout 4.”

He streams an average of 42.8 hours per week, or about six hours per day, and has roughly 1,500 viewers every hour – his admirers spend an average of 62,457 hours per week watching his live streams. LobosJr has streamed for almost 5,500 hours, or 7.5 months, and his Livestream viewership record is 11,322.

LobosJr is also highly active on YouTube, having created his channel on 25 January 2013 with the caption ‘This channel is devoted to my gaming triumphs, failures, and Twitch stream highlights’ – it presently has over 340,000 subscribers and over 115 million views of all his videos combined.

He may be seen uploading footage of a variety of games, including “Super Metroid,” “Final Fantasy XIII,” “Dark Souls,” and “Fallout 4.” LobosJr is presently the senior content creator for N3rdfusion, a private production company comprised of five content creators that primarily Livestream while playing video games on the Twitch network.

Favorite things and other interests

LobosJr’s main interests include video games and making movies, but he also has other hobbies and interests.

LobosJr is an excellent guitarist who has performed in several bands that cover video game music, including “The Returners,” “Gimmick!”, and “Lords of Thunder.” He loves animals and has an unnamed cat who frequently gets in his way while he is live streaming on Twitch.

LobosJr Loves food and has a passion for tasting different cuisines; he also enjoys tasting various types of alcohol and drinks.

LobosJr has a penchant for dying his hair, which is now green after previously being gray, blue, and rainbow. He also enjoys cosplay and is interested in charity work, so he combined the two when he cosplayed as a doll from the video game “Bloodborne” for charity.

How Tall is twitch streamer LobosJr? Weight, Hair Color

LobosJr is 32 years old right now. His height and weight are unknown, however, he has short brown hair, and blue eyes, and wears spectacles. He is a big fan of tattoos and has several on his body, all of which are related to video games.

Social media

LobosJr is quite active on various big social media networks, as this is critical to his online business. He started his Twitter account in January 2013 and has already tweeted over 26,000 times. His Instagram account contains over 420 photos, and he also has a Facebook profile with over 10,000 followers.

LobosJr does not have his website and instead sells his stuff through the ‘teepublic’ website.

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