Umer Ilyas

Interrupting The Burning Of Holy Quran In Norway

Umer Ilyas

Umer Ilyas is a man who most recently rose to prominence as a “Defender of the Quran” or “Muslim Hero” when he prevented another man from igniting a copy of the Holy Quran in Norway last week during a protest against Islam. His bravery and heroism have earned him the moniker “Defender Of the Quran” as a result of this incident, which is going viral on social media.

Muslims from every continent are applauding his deed.

The Muslim guy, now known as Ilyas, could be seen leaping into the cordoned-off area in the video to prevent the Holy Book from being desecrated. The footage has now gone viral. Muslim hero Ilyas, The Defender Of The Qur’an

As a result of his popularity on social media, Umer Ilyas is now regarded as the social media hero of the Muslim community and one of the biggest modern-day defenders of Islam and the Quran. Let’s learn more about Umer Ilyas and the incident.

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Real NameUmer Ilyas
ProfessionNot Known
Famous ForInterrupting The Burning Of Holy Quran In Norway

Umer Ilyas Information

He, the man who leaped over a fence to prevent the Holy Quran from being burned, earned the hearts of millions of people during the anti-Islamic demonstration in Norway and is now regarded as the protector of Allah’s Islam.Umer Ilyas is receiving widespread praise for his audacity and bravery after his video went viral. He attacked a protester who in Norway torched the Holy Quran in front of a large crowd.

Currently a social media craze, followers hail Umer Ilyas as a hero and one of the finest modern-day defenders of Islam. Sam Kolder Wiki, Age, Bio, Girlfriends, Net Worth & More can be found here.

DG ISPR also used his personal Twitter account to “salute the brave Ilyas” for having the guts to put an end to a despicable deed.”These provocations based on islamophobia only foster radicalism and hatred. All religions are respectable and must continue to be so. According to him, Islamophobia poses a threat to international peace and unity.

He was apprehended by the authorities after attempting to defend the Quran, and as of right now, he is in their hands. The Norwegian far-right group’s burning of the Holy Quran in the largely Muslim city of Kristiansand incited outrage and condemnation throughout Muslim countries.

While carrying out the deed in the Muslim-populated town of Kristiansand, Lars Thorsen, who burned the Quran in Norway, is a member of the anti-Islamic group Stop the Islamization of Norway (SIAN). Ilyas Umer, a teenage Muslim, kicked the SIAN leader as he jumped into the walled circle to protect the Holy Book from being desecrated. However, the police quickly ended the altercation, and the two were detained.

Two copies of the religious literature were initially thrown into the garbage can during the protest, and a third copy was burned by Thorsen. Pakistan and Turkey have strongly condemned the Norwegian authorities, urging them to take strict action against the blasphemy act.