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The A&E Network has always been the go-to destination for non-fiction gritty dramas and reality programming, particularly those involving crime.

60 Days In, a show on A&E that debuted in 2016, has an unusual premise. Seven law-abiding citizens agree to go undercover for two months at the infamous Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, IN, to assist a frustrated sheriff in uncovering gangs, narcotics, and corruption problems in his prison and learning what truly goes on behind bars.

Sheriff Jamey Noel created the initiative to clean up the facility’s reputation for corruption. It houses about 500 convicts, ranging from drug dealers to first-time offenders and capital killers.

To blend in with the convicts, the volunteers were arrested under fake charges and given fictitious criminal history.

The presentation was supposed to be unrehearsed at first, providing a unique prison viewing experience. ‘Is 60 days in fake?’ viewers have wondered as the show enters its sixth season. Because the show emphasizes its storyline for the audience, it ultimately falls into the reality TV category.

Surprising Findings on ’60 Days In’

According to the show’s producers, it was not scripted. According to executive producer Greg Henry, productions about prisons are frequently prejudiced depending on who is interviewed. To avoid this, they enlisted the help of ordinary folks to obtain a truly unbiased viewpoint.

Despite the show’s dubious veracity, the sheriffs were able to uncover the inmates’ activities and effect changes. They discovered how convicts created the “crack stick” by crushing e-cigarette filters and wrapping them in coffee-soaked toilet paper in order to get high.

Another startling discovery was the manner in which contraband was distributed within the prison. The trustees, who were assigned to chores such as meal preparation and waste collection, hid drugs on food trays in the women’s pod.

Of course, we must not overlook the violence that takes place. Because the jail-issued sandals were ineffective, inmates appeared to switch to wearing shoes before a fight.

Inmates used cellphones to plan drug purchases and attacks with inmates in other jail wings, and their preferred weapon during the rampage was a homemade knife manufactured from a toothbrush.

Is ’60 Days In’ a true story or a scripted drama?

While the secrets revealed have undoubtedly resulted in improvements in the jails, several participants believe that the events were carefully altered to sway viewers. “Is 60 Days In Real?” has resurfaced as a result of this.

Robert Holcomb, one of the participants, claimed that the show represented his fellow convicts in a negative light.

“They tried to make it look like I was going to be attacked. The show made inmates look like animals; in reality, they were kind human beings suffering from drug problems.”

DiAundré Newby, a Season 1 convict, stated that while the show provided viewers with essential insight into prison life, it was also created for fun. He said that the production team manipulated reality in order to give it a different meaning and boost viewership.

60 Days In appears to be an attempt to highlight the complexities and workings of a prison. However, as reality television uses misleading editing, dramatic music, and building up the “stakes” to make it more emotional and enticing, viewers should take the narrative with a grain of salt.

’60 Days’ Season 7 Release Date Updates

The first three seasons of 60 Days In aired at various times throughout the year. From 2018 through 2020, however, seasons 4, 5, and 6 were released one at a time.

Neither the showrunners nor A&E have made an official declaration on whether the program will be renewed or canceled as of November 2021.

It’s very likely that the COVID-19 epidemic made filming in a restricted environment, such as a prison, extremely difficult, and they’re waiting for things to return to normal before committing to a release date for 60 Days In season 7.

With fans eagerly awaiting an update and COVID-19 immunization efforts nearing completion, it wouldn’t be surprising if season 7 of 60 Days In arrives shortly.